Producer of Hallmark movie shot in Salisbury discusses community involvement

Published 12:01 am Sunday, July 10, 2022

SALISBURY — Daniel Lewis may not be from Salisbury originally, but he was quick to point out that he has felt right at home while in town the past couple of weeks.

Lewis, the producer of an upcoming Hallmark movie tentatively titled “To Her, With Love,” is in Salisbury to film the production and took some time to share his appreciation for the community on Friday afternoon.

“Everyone here has been really supportive, our experience has been really good,” Lewis said when asked about how filming has gone so far.

While Hallmark has asked Lewis to remain tight-lipped on most details about the movie, including anything involving the cast or even from confirming the film’s title, he was more than happy to talk about all the community had to offer.

“I would definitely consider shooting here again. The city has a variety of looks and can capture a lot of different landscapes in a small space. There’s something distinct about each part of the city that helped us in filming,” he said.

Lewis also pointed out that his cast and crew have found available housing and hotels all around the city and that they have enjoyed the opportunity to try local restaurants and shop at nearby businesses when not on-set.

“We kept all of the physical production for the film right here in Salisbury,” he said. “We were able to keep everyone in town throughout this process, which helped.”

Locations for filming were initially on South Main Street and off of Fulton Street, but on Friday crews were gathered around Salisbury High School for further shooting.

The producer pointed out that the film will include local residents as extras and that this production could hopefully “give the younger folks in the community the idea that they can pursue this (acting and film production) as a career.”

Lewis has helped behind the scenes in producing movies across the country for over a decade. He was quick to add that the future could be bright for Salisbury as a location for other productions down the road.

“The pieces are in place,” he said. “It’s really now just about building up that local crew and going from there.”

Enthusiastic supporters from across Salisbury were on-set Friday and community members who came across scenes being filmed in the past two weeks were excited and positive.

Production is wrapping up shortly and Hallmark is expected to release the completed work in September.