Ester Marsh: Trying to stay positive in an unruly world

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 26, 2022

I was listening to the radio the other day and this author was mentioning to get herself in the “right frame of mind,” she starts writing all positive things on a note pad.

When challenged to do so, she starts simple. Thankful I had breakfast today, thankful I have a roof over my head, thankful I have a person/people who love me, she said before she knows it, she is writing down a slew of positive affirmations that gets her in the right frame of mind to do her work.

In today’s world and happenings it has created great challenges to see the positivity around us, especially seeing all the news around the world and of course the invasion of the Ukraine just this past week.. Now we can choose to only focus on the negative, drama, “big news” what’s going on, but we can also choose to include, and look beyond that, and find the positive news that’s happening all around us.

This way you choose to open your eyes and look at the whole picture of what’s going on around you. Open your mind and spirit to feed your soul positivity, kindness, respectfulness, hope. The same for your body, the past few weeks I had too many conversations where the person was down on themselves because they didn’t do this, that, or the other.

Life is challenging enough, and you must be in your own corner being your biggest cheerleader! Regroup, plan, set attainable goals and execute the goals. Examples: Mind and spirit; write down all the pluses and minuses that are going on right now in your life. Can you balance them out? Can you make changes? Maybe less “news” each day, putting your phone/computer down and converse with family, friends. Start a new hobby, maybe music, art, book club, church choir?

How about writing down health-related pluses and minuses? High cholesterol, High Blood pressure, obesity. On the other hand, love being outside, love to dance, love the water, love spending time with animals. It is organizing your life and make choices to make your life better physically, spiritually, and mindfully.

Sacha Roberts, one of my very dear friends, and I are joining each other’s journey where we want to help people find their inner peace, become healthier, happier and make this world a kinder, mindful, and respectful world one step and person at a time. As she mentioned when we were brainstorming: “People clean out their closets on a regular basis, but when it comes to the minds, often its one big mess thrown together.”

Start organizing your life, and prioritize mental, spiritual, and physical health. You absolutely can make a difference and it all starts with you. Find that new hobby you always wanted to try. Join that dance class that is being offered. “Unplug” yourself and truly enjoy your family and friends’ presence. And as I mentioned many times before, there is nothing wrong to ask for help when your spiritual, mental, and physical “closet” is too big to take on by yourself.

Ester H Marsh is Health & Fitness Director at the JF Hurley YMCA. Follow her @Esterciz and @mindful.britchic to make the world a better place, one step and person at a time.