David Freeze: Teri hits 50 pound mark

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 6, 2019

With three months to go, usually success or lack of it has come from habits, good or bad. By this time, the participants in our wellness program have either been on track or lacking something. Here is where we stand.

Teri is rolling, with lots of successes. Philip hasn’t been able to meet with us this month. More later on that.

I asked Teri, recreation coordinator at City Park Center, to describe her best habit so far. She explained, “Earn it! Curiosity will force you to learn things that your mind will not let you forget. I enjoy doing a variety of workouts while tracking calories burned. Knowing how hard I have worked keeps me from eating the wrong things! Looking at the calories of bad choices and comparing them to the workout to burn it off send me back to the better choices. I tell myself I have to earn it with more sweat left in the gym or a few more strides on the road. Most times, the “bad bite” just isn’t worth it!”

Teri keeps experimenting with new classes and she commented on several: “I really enjoy the kettlebell classes offered at The Forum. The instructor offers a great variety of ways to use the kettlebells so the class does not get boring. He takes the time to make sure you are getting the full benefit of the class, correcting posture, and explaining what part of the body is being worked. I still love the Body Flow class, and I look forward to returning. I call this my body maintenance class, since it offers a great full body stretch, flexibility and relaxation with another awesome instructor.”

The Forum has purchased Soulful Yoga and that intrigues Teri. She said, “I have not done as much yoga as I would like. I have a few DVDs at home, but I prefer a class. So far, the times don’t work out for me. My body responds to the deep stretching. It feels like I have had a full body massage when I’m done. We’ll find time soon.”

Teri has set reachable goals again. She said, “It is hard to believe the end of the year is a few months away. For October, I want to lose four more pounds. David has challenged me to increase our Thursday run to four miles and that challenge is accepted! My high stress time of the year is coming along with comfort foods and cold weather. Cold weather running, if we ever get it, will be a new challenge. I hate the cold. Pushing myself for great results and increasing self-care are important. That includes being aware of stresses and healthy ways to deal with them while saying no when I have to. I have worked hard to get to this point and I’m not falling short this close to the finish line!”

Philip, general manager at Chick-fil-A, had a recent injury but for various other reasons has not been able to meet with us during September. I hope that he will be able to rejoin us soon. We will leave that door open.

Teri has dropped another five pounds this month and she is on track to kiss obesity goodbye. Her change has been so dramatic that this past Monday morning’s workout at The Forum had member after member stopping by with congratulations. Teri is so happy with her results that she is positive and smiling throughout those workouts.

Since Monday was the last day of the month, Teri went back for her second workout to reach 50 pounds lost and three pounds for the month.

The Forum General Manager Rayna Gardner said, “Teri is a star! She is so happy with her progress and just exudes energy.”
See you at the end of October