Shots fired on Wilson Road and Arlington Street

Published 10:34 am Friday, May 13, 2016

SALISBURY — Two incidents of shots fired were reported to the Salisbury Police Department on Thursday and Friday.

Officers responded to a call from a woman on Thursday about shots fired at the 700 block of Wilson Road.

According to Police Capt. Shelia Lingle, the woman who called the police said she was meeting another person to sell a gun.

She handed the gun over to the other person, and the person fired the gun into the air once to see if it worked.

The person then said, “You just got got,” and told the woman to leave before she was “next.”

No arrests have been made, but Lingle said the department has a suspect.

Over at the 10 block of North Arlington Street, a woman reported that her house had been shot into on Friday. Officers found that the bullet struck the bathroom window.

Other than the woman who reported the shot, no one else in the residence provided information, Lingle said.

No one was injured.

Lingle said the shootings were not related.