Crutchfield announces formation of Small Business Caucus

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, March 21, 2023

RALEIGH — Rep. Kevin Crutchfield (R-83) announced last week the formation of the Small Business Caucus in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

The caucus’s primary objective will be “to raise awareness of key small business issues including access to a strong workforce, taxes, regulations, preventing undue burden to innovation and finding legislative solutions to North Carolina’s small businesses,” according to press release sent out by Crutchfield’s office.

“As a small business owner, I have seen firsthand how entrepreneurs positively impact their fellow citizens, provide for families and build a stronger community,” Crutchfield said. “During my campaign I promised that I would support small business owners who have taken the leap of faith to follow the American Dream, this is one of the ways I am keeping that promise.”

Crutchfield partnered with Rep. John Bradford (R-98), who represents Mecklenburg County, to create the caucus. Both are small business owners themselves.

So far, the Small Business Caucus has 14 members. They will meet in the coming weeks to work on legislative ideas.

Crutchfield and his wife, Cheryl, founded Casco Signs in 1998, which is located in Concord.