Blotter: Salisbury man arrested at apartment complex for assault by pointing gun at worker, bystander

Published 1:38 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2023

SALISBURY  — Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Salisbury man on Sunday after he reportedly threatened two maintenance workers from his apartment complex at gunpoint. 

Dean Khan, 57, is charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun. He was assigned a $2,000 bond. 

According to information from the sheriff’s office, a caller reported someone knocking on doors and running the hallways of The Grand on Julian apartment complex. 

After receiving the call, one of the complex’s maintenance workers responded to the 7000 building. The situation that resulted in Khan’s arrested occurred after he answered his door, allegedly brandishing a handgun. Another person, who was unidentified by the sheriff’s office, was also present in the hallway when the situation unfolded.

Reports indicate that Khan told the two individuals, “I don’t know you,” and “someone has stolen from me before.”

Khan reportedly followed the them down the hall, holding the gun the entire time. When the two individuals got to safety, they called 911 and reported what happened, resulting in Khan’s arrest. 


Communicating threats

GRANITE QUARRY — Authorities arrested a Granite Quarry man on Sunday and charged him with communicating threats against an officer after a domestic disturbance boiled over.

Axel Cristo Lopez-Zambrano, 26, was taken into custody after the incident and placed on a $7,500 bond. 

Granite Quarry Police Department initially responded to the scene of a domestic disturbance in the 400 block of South Main Street. A Rowan County deputy arrived shortly after that and called for additional assistance. 

Around this time, Lopez-Zambrano reportedly “made aggressive steps toward the officer in a threatening manner.”

He reportedly said, “Get out of my face. I ain’t scared of you.”

The officers requested Lopez-Zambrano step away, but he reportedly kept pushing back and was subsequently arrested. On the way to the magistrate’s office, Lopez-Zambrano allegedly made several threats against the officers, prompting the additional charge. 


In other Rowan County Sheriff’s reports

  • A man was the victim of identity theft — fraud that reportedly occurred in the 4000 block of US Hwy. 61 in Salisbury around 2:37 p.m. on March 19.
  • Tabitha Dawn Ridenhour, 30, was arrested on March 19 and charged with misdemeanor simple assault. 
  • Cary Markison Chaffin, 35, was arrested on March 19 and charged with misdemeanor simple assault.
  • Christia Lane Lackey, 36, was arrested on March 19 and charged with misdemeanor simple assault.


In Salisbury Police reports

  • A man was the victim of an assault that reportedly occurred in the 800 block of East Lafayette Street in Salisbury between 6:43-7:17 a.m. on March 20.
  • A woman’s vehicle was reportedly taken and used without her permission. The incident began in the 300 block of Century Drive in Salisbury around 12:41 a.m. on March 21. 
  • Joshua Marcquese Byrd, 18, was arrested on March 20 and charged with misdemeanor resisting, delaying, obstructing a public officer.