City officials go over procedures for Salisbury residents to get rid of bulk items

Published 12:10 am Thursday, January 19, 2023

SALISBURY — Salisbury Public Works and Code Enforcement gave a presentation to city council on Tuesday night to outline procedures for local residents and businesses to get rid of excess bulk items.

Illegally dumped materials are the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of, but there are systems in place to entice people to be proactive in getting rid of their trash.

“Public Works will collect one illegal dumped pile per residence or business per fiscal year upon the completion of a code enforcement investigation. Illegal dumps that take place after the first collection has been completed must be scheduled as a bulk pickup and all fees will apply,” Public Works Director Chris Tester said.

Anytime an illegal dumping takes place, Code Enforcement will investigate. All dumps after the first collection should be scheduled with Public Works at a nominal fee. If there is a second illegal dump that is not scheduled for a pickup by Public Works, there will be a written warning before fines are implemented. The first one is for $50, 10 days after that it goes to $100 if no action is taken, and 10 days after that it goes to $250.

“Public Works and Code Enforcement understand illegal dumping takes place and want to provide a tool to assist citizens and businesses in keeping our community beautiful,” Tester said.