My Turn, Evelyn Uddin-khan: What would Jesus say?  

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 4, 2022

By Evelyn Uddin-khan

Was Jesus a conservative? A liberal? What would He say about the Ten Commandments of Moses? The Seven Deadly Sins?

Jesus brought God’s messages to us to help us live better lives. Jesus never said anything about Evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, or any other branches of Christianity. His messages came to all people.

The first two Commandments deal with Honoring and Worshiping one unseen God. No images. But here we are worshiping money and power.

No. 3. Don’t take God’s name in vain. And yet when politicians run around yelling God said this or God said that without proof, are they taking God’s name in vain?

No.4. How many of Jesus’ political followers actually honor the Sabbath? Or are they out telling political lies?

No.5. No comment!

No. 6. Thou shalt not kill, and yet we have approximately 450 million guns floating around on American soil ready to kill. On the other hand, are there other ways to kill? For example, starvation, lack of medicine?

No. 7. Adultery? Rape? Incest? Are our brothers above suspicion? Guilty?

Nos. 8, 9, 10. We can file these under power, money and control of the poor.

So, what would Jesus say of the present decline in faith, belief and worship of one God?

Jesus would probably say please don’t take my messages out of context.

And then we have those seven deadly sins: Lust, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony. These were discussed in the Holy Bible — weren’t they?

If every citizen of this country — including politicians — live life by these commandments and cast aside the deadly sins, well, we should have a darned remarkable “holy” country. Unfortunately, religion like politics have gone astray.

What we need in this country today is not politicians who see themselves as rulers of the poor and helpless, but politicians who can borrow Jesus’ shoes, walk in them, and work to end poverty and starvation.

We have approximately 40 million people/children living in America today who are living below poverty level, some go to bed hungry at night. What would Jesus say about that?

He probably would advocate for politicians who are cognizant of the facts that poor and starving kids also need health care and houses to live in with a few toys and books thrown in.

We are living in a “Christian country” presumable with the messages of Jesus as Savior.

Somewhere along the way politics corrupted Jesus’ messages and what we now have is not Christianity as Jesus preached, but life as dictated by corrupt men and women whose only interest is to maintain their grip on power and money and more of the same!

And Jesus’ messages were cast aside, perhaps still blowing in the wind, waiting to return to our hearts again.

We the people have the power to change our destiny. We can choose the life we want by choosing the people we want to lead us, to help us, to represent us.

We can go to the polls on 8th November and let the politicians know that hungry kids need food, health care and houses to live in.

That old people need care givers and a support system. That our education system stinks. That we need to vote for our best interests, not their rotten lies and hypocrisy. Jesus said if we help ourselves, God will help us.

Every adult has a vote. We can use our votes for our benefit. We can vote for those who care about us. Let’s vote with our heads and our hearts! Our poor children can’t afford for us to waste our votes on the hypocrites who pretend to be Christians, but seal their fate with the devil.

What Would Jesus Say? Jesus would be on the side of the people who follow his teachings…

Evelyn Uddin-khan moved to Salisbury in 2018 after living in the New York City area for most of her life. She taught in public schools and for a community college in the New York City area.