Dear Neighbor: Pam Bloom — Celebrate voting for all voters

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 9, 2024

By Pam Bloom

Dear Neighbor, 

A good thing happened for our community on Tuesday, April 16. In a unanimous vote, our Rowan County Board of Elections members selected the most accessible calendar allowed for in person Early Voting for the 2024 General Election. The calendar will include all Saturdays and Sundays for a total of 17 consecutive days, Oct. 17 – Nov. 2. To say it was a surprise to attendees for both the Republican members and the Democratic members to agree to include all Saturdays and Sundays in this calendar is an understatement. Dare we hope that the voices and actions of people advocating together, year after year, made a positive difference for the greater good? 

The greater good. What does that actually mean? It’s a phrase that falls easily from my lips and I often hear it as an explanation for decisions. Does the “greater good” phrase too often serve the interests of the ruling class? Or can we still make a difference as individuals, united for a common cause? 

Rather than fall down a rabbit hole of philosophical discussion, for this moment I will focus on the positive win of 17 consecutive days of in person early voting. Politically, both major parties will always have their version of the greater good. As an individual, I will continue to try and weigh my personal beliefs in consideration of the benefit of the larger public. I hope you will join me. 

Meanwhile, I will enjoy that feeling of standing with my neighbors in celebration and belief that advocacy, steadfastness, and genuine concern can create positive change for the greater good of all Rowan County voters.   

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