Ask Us: Are golf carts allowed in downtown Salisbury?

Published 7:47 pm Monday, May 30, 2022

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SALISBURY — For means of transportation in the city, golf carts are not an option for travel on public roads or sidewalks due to safety concerns.

The recreational vehicles as of now are not permitted in the City of Salisbury. In July 2021, the issue was brought up at the City Council meeting but was tabled until more information about enforcement and risks could be provided. According to community planning director Hannah Jacobson and city engineering director Wendy Brindle, the proposal has not been discussed since that discussion.

Brindle also said that the City of Salisbury follows the state’s ordinance concerning low-speed vehicles which states that LSV with fully functioning equipment can be driven parallel on roads 35 miles per hour or lower. With this ordinance in place, it must be noted that this does not apply to golf carts.

Golf carts are not registered with the DMV while LSVs are and can reach speeds higher than golf carts. The vehicle in question is only allowed to cross roads.