Ester Marsh: Let’s be extra thankful this Thanksgiving

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 21, 2021

There are choices we make, and waking up after a challenging night makes it harder to start the day off right. However, I choose the make he best of the day and share positive vibes with the people around me.

Does that mean I am always optimistic? Of course not, especially after my surgery when I got the stomach bug. It was hard to pull myself out of that mood, so I started watching documentaries of people who were a lot worse off then me. That way I can say to myself, “Suck it up and put your big girl pants on!”

We all have our own ways, but with all the ugliness out there, it makes it harder and harder to stay positive and to see a bright future, even for an optimist as myself.

Now, what I can tell you is that I have full faith that love will prevail! The outpouring of love, caring and support I have received after my surgery has completely restored my faith that we will be OK. So, this Thanksgiving, set aside the differences, and be thankful that we have each other. By starting within ourselves and purposely sharing kindness, respect and love, we slowly will see the darkness of this current world disappear because love will prevail. And Thanksgiving should be that time where we are so thankful for the family and friends we have, the things we have, and the foods we eat.

We all tend to overeat with Thanksgiving, so I am going to give you some tips that work for me. First, use a small plate. There is only so much room and seeing a plate full satisfies your brain. Wait at least 15 minutes before you go back for seconds. It takes the brain about 15 minutes to register that you are full (or not). Take small amounts instead of big heaps of all the different goodies that are available. Slow down while eating, chew your food well and enjoy every bite. Drink plenty of water and watch the high calorie holiday drinks.

Many people eat sensibly but don’t realize they take in tons of calories with the drinks. So while you are prepping your meal, find great tasting recipes with fewer calories.

Food brings us together, but even that is still very different due to the pandemic. The focus should be on family and friends and being thankful to be able to spend quality time together. Having my side of the family an ocean apart, I have learned that I can have great get-togethers via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. Find a way to make this Thanksgiving work for you and your family and share love, hope and respect. Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!

Ester Hoeben Marsh is Health & Fitness Director JF Hurley Family YMCA.