Letter: Police need alternatives to deadly force

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 26, 2020

Well, we have taken down “Fame” and it appears we will soon have a “Diversity and Inclusion” mural. 

Would that either of this purely symbolic gestures would feed a single child or create a single job or keep together a single family?

It appears that next on the list is to take away “chemical agents” from our police. Mrs. Heggins, as an Army veteran, says that tear gas is a weapon of war and that we are not at war with civilians. 

I’m not sure what Army she was part of. The one that I joined in 1967 did not use tear gas as a weapon of war. The only Army use for tear gas at that time was for dispersing riots and assuredly against civilian unrest.

Our police need more alternatives to deadly force rather than fewer. If the only tool one has is a hammer (.40 pistol), every problem is a nail.

Do not weaken our police officers.

— Stephen Hubbard