Letter: Food Lion needs to fix ordering problem

Published 2:39 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I hope someone up the Food Lion chain of command will read this and act upon a situation I am facing.

I cannot reach anyone by phone who can solve my problem. I have been trying for six weeks to place an online pick-up order, but the Food Lion/Instacart websites block me. I do not go in any store; I am a special needs drive-up shopper. I have talked with customer service reps until I am blue in the face.

Because the online platform does not work, Food Lion, and Rowan County residents who work at Food Lion, are losing millions of dollars because the system is lousy. I live in Asheboro and use other grocery stores to purchase my food; I had been a loyal Food Lion customer.

Corporate Food Lion employees have told me they routinely get phone calls where Instacart wants a code and the customer never receives it. The system needs to be fixed. So do it.

— Greta Lint