Robin and Isaac: Time for a solid rebound!

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 5, 2020

Just a week after running the Shiloh Missions 5K, Robin Satterwhite and Isaac Miller have closed out the month of June, halfway to their year long goal of better health. With the gyms closed, both of them worked toward the 5K as a goal.

Robin, a humanities professor at RCCC, said, “The Shiloh 5K was the most challenging race so far for me. It was a hilly course with some humidity! Not my best time, but I finished third in my age group, which surprised me!”

Salisbury police officer Isaac Miller ran his first 5K and said, “I felt good, started out tired for a few minutes, then energized! I could have run the distance again but was disappointed in my time.”

Both addressed issues for June. Robin said, “I have struggled with hydration and motivation in the heat and humidity. Most of the month we have been running outside where even the early humidity can be brutal. I am looking forward to getting back into the gym for variety during the week. Runners need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so I won’t give in to the discomfort. I must get a better handle on my hydration so I have purchased a supplement to help.”

Isaac added, “My positives included being outside and still making progress without the aid of a gym. My downside was making less progress that I want. I have to push myself even further to see more progress and begin to switch up my routine a little to get me over my hump.”

I asked about focus workouts for July. Robin plans to get back in the gym for variety. She lost momentum on a Florida trip this past month and has another vacation planned in July. She said, “A commitment to wellness and exercise can’t take a back seat to outside activities.” But it did and this time she will have to do better.

More active than Robin in June, Isaac finished strong with a 5K on Saturday and a challenging nine mile hike on Sunday. He said, “My eating habits haven’t been the best and I know there is tons of room for improvement.” Isaac has mentioned a hard time meeting his calorie guidelines when he’s stressed about work.

About diet issues, Robin said, “With my history of high blood pressure, I have to watch my sodium intake. Right now, I eat a lot of salad and baked chicken, egg salad, baked flounder and different types of potatoes. My favorite fruits are mandarin oranges and bananas. Not interested in sweets, I am looking forward to some fresh tomato sandwiches soon!”

Isaac said, “I’ve had more fruits and veggies plus chicken and fish. I’m really trying hard to get my diet on point by prepping the night before. I love quinoa and do intermittent fasting with 11 a.m.-7 p.m. as my window of eating for the day. I drink well over a gallon of water a day, noticing a decrease in leg cramps and overall weakness since properly hydrating.”

Robin and Isaac know that July is important and that progress won’t be easy. My advice, as always, is to not waste a day or use excuses. They know that others are watching and often are motivated to pursue their own program when they read these monthly reports. Inspiration is a great motivator. Both Robin and Isaac have good support from family, friends and co-workers. No doubt, lots of Rowan is pulling for them as they enter the second half of the program. Summer has been “make or break” time every year so far for the Post Wellness participants. At least two didn’t make it through the challenging summer months.

I encourage Robin and Isaac to lose distractions and seek reachable goals. When I asked for goals for July, I didn’t get much that was concrete. We’ll discuss these things during our workouts and their nightly reports.

If you see Robin and Isaac around, encourage them and ask about their progress. Robin gained a pound and a half this month and Isaac dropped three, putting him at 289. Isaac’s goal was to drop 10 while Robin wanted five. One month after their best month, there’s plenty of motivation to get back on track.

See you back here at the end of July!