Robin and Isaac: A month of no gyms, mixed results

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 3, 2020

Robin Satterwhite and Isaac Miller have finished four months in the Salisbury Post wellness program. The time has flown by quickly but neither participant is content with the results so far.

Satterwhite, a professor and department head at RCCC, has struggled this month. She said, “I am not where I thought I would be but am not giving up. I have been battling a knee injury for the past two months with up and down success. With physical therapy and a consultation with an orthopedic specialist, I plan to be back on track soon. I have really missed the gyms and the variety of machines available there. The stationary bike is good for an aerobic workout but also easy on the knee. I love running, but it has been challenging with this particular injury.”

Miller, a Salisbury police officer, said, “By now I hoped to have lost more weight. But I think I’m in a good place mentally and physically. I’m not happy where I am weight-wise, but I think I’m in the right place mentally to achieve my overall goal.”

Both Satterwhite and Miller do have some good things happening. Satterwhite said, “I am trying to concentrate on the positives, one of which is an impressive lowering of my anxiety level. I have suffered with mild depression and major anxiety off and on for 20 years. With regular exercise, I have been able to reduce the medication needed for this. My doctor is thrilled with my activity level and improvement. I have also lowered my resting heart rate from 90 to 74.  My last blood pressure check was 120/72. I want to begin lowering my blood pressure meds soon as well.”

I am particularly impressed with Satterwhite’s next statement. She said, “I really enjoy getting up in the mornings and getting my day started. This hasn’t happened in a very long time.”

With another view, Miller said, “My win would be none of my jeans fitting and my frustration would be none of my jeans fitting. The pandemic doesn’t allow me going to a store to get new jeans. My true frustration is my current weight. I run almost every day, but it’s getting more and more difficult to lose weight.” Miller is getting faster and ran a 36:38 5K last week on the Knox track.

Goals for May are really important. It looks likely that we won’t have gyms until late in the month. Satterwhite said, “My goal for May is to get my knee and its surrounding muscles stronger. I also want to increase my running pace (or maybe I should say decrease my pace.) I am currently between 15 and 16 minutes per mile and would like to reach a 14 pace on a 5K by Bare Bones on Saturday, May 23, if that event can be held. I want to get back to losing weight. I think eight pounds is a realistic weight loss goal.” Miller said, “My goal for May is to be 15 pounds down from where I am now.”

I asked both to look forward and tell me what they want to see by the end of the year, just eight months away. Satterwhite said, “No more injuries. For the remaining months, I want continued weight loss and running pace improvement. By the end of the year, I want to weigh less, be more fit and totally off my anxiety and blood pressure medication. Running a 5K in under 40 minutes would be a bonus.” Miller added, “I just want to be a success in this program and in life, and comfortable in my own skin.”

Miller lost another six pounds and is now at 302, down 22 for the year. His results are coming, just not as fast as he wants. His additional regular workouts include pickleball and weight training. Satterwhite is down 5 1/2 for the year but up one for April. Satterwhite had briefly experimented with group classes. Variety will be the key to their future success. Their goals are too high for May based on results so far, but doable with the proper mix of diet and exercise.

As I have said before, this is a long hike toward the summit. Stay tuned! See you at the end of May.