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Marsh column: Home workout

The Salisbury Post and the YMCA want you to stay active and healthy during this statewide quarantine. As I mentioned in last week’s article, the Rowan Cabarrus YMCA is doing everything through videos and workouts via their Facebook pages to keep our members connected. However, especially in this quarantine time, I love receiving the newspaper — a great change from TV and computers and phones. The workout of this week can be done with low or high intensity. Example: March in place (low intensity); march in place and  lift knees up high (low impact, high intensity); jog in place (lower intensity, high impact); run in place (high intensity, high impact). Anyone with any orthopedic issues (doesn’t matter where in your body) should stay with low impact (one foot is always on the floor). Listen to your body as it will tell you a lot. And no, don’t listen to it to eat and drink all the time.

Try to move at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is one of the best exercises there is.

All exercises are 30 seconds to one minute, whichever you choose. When doing them all, it is one set. If you want, you can do 2 to 3 sets. Finish with your sets of cardio before you start on the floor.

  • March or run in place (all others can be done high impact too)
  • Alternate toe taps to the front
  • Alternate toe taps side to side
  • Alternate knee up to the front
  • Alternate heel to the buttocks
  • Alternate leg side to side or jumping jacks
  • Alternate leg lift to the back or shuffle
  • Twist (have fun!)

Hydrate throughout your workout. Find a spot where you can put a mat or towel on the floor.

  • On your back, bring your belly button in towards your inner spine. Lift your shoulder blades of the ground. Your hands can stay to the side or behind your head (just don’t pull on your head). This is called a crunch. And it’s all about quality so if you can only do a few the proper way that’s fine. You will get stronger.
  • On your back, your left foot on your right bend knee, foot on floor. Your right elbow (or hand) goes towards your left knee (doesn’t have to touch). Do the same with your right foot on your left leg.
  • On your belly, arms extended to the front (if that doesn’t work for shoulders keep arms comfortable and just do the leg portion). Lift your right leg and your left arm, return and lift your left leg and right arm. Keep them nice and long and its not about how high you go.
  • On your hands and knees, bring left leg in towards your belly and extend leg all the way back, continue (do not swing leg up high. Extend to back like a horse that kicks). Repeat on the other leg

Stretch! Next week I will go through all the stretches. Stay safe and healthy!

Ester Hoeben Marsh is health and fitness director of the JF Hurley YMCA.


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