Gotta’ Run: There is always something good

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 29, 2020

While all of us have been limited by the state and national response to the coronavirus, we are still fortunate. Yes, we are! I will tell you why I think so.

Back in 2013, I was on my first long-distance bike ride. Still struggling to get the hang of spending long and challenging days on the bike, I had a bad day going. At least, it seemed a particularly trying day. I had just arrived in Three Sisters, Wyoming, after battling a headwind and intense climbing for hours. While trying to get a room, I heard “no vacancy” and extremely high prices. I was already borderline late on getting my daily report in. And a big storm was bearing down on me. I called the Post and spoke to nighttime editor Paris Goodnight. Paris, an outdoor adventurer in his own right, listened to my list of problems and said, “So, what was good about today?” I was immediately floored and realized he was right. There were good things that I didn’t think enough about. No days are perfect, but every day has something good. So, with this column, I hope you will join me as I consider some of the good things even during the response to this virus.

Most of us still have our health. We can still exercise and use the outdoors freely. I read the other day that 20% of people never exercise and an even greater number never seek time outdoors. One friend told me on Sunday about a visit to a botanical garden for the first time and was so amazed that he made 40 pictures. It won’t surprise anyone that I think any day with exercise and time outdoors is my kind of day.

With meetings and events curtailed, we all have extra time for new of different things. Another friend told me that his family decided to do some housework together. They cleaned and reorganized cabinets, talked more than usual and later grilled a meal. He was happy that all of this made great quality time together.

Another friend has been interested in learning a new language and has decided to make it happen. Challenging your mind anytime is good and especially if this virus has provided time to do it. I am looking forward to extra reading. Plus, no time is better to plan my own next adventure.

I have decided to do a neglected project each day. On the farm, there are always plenty of these. For the last week, I have stuck to this and made some good headway. We had some fence problems last week and as of today, I’ve removed about 600 feet of scrub trees and overhanging limbs that make fence maintenance a lot easier.

To this point, I have addressed self-needs. One of my favorite things is to help others, often providing a sense of real accomplishment by the end of the day. Think of your neighbors, friends and family and how you can help them through this. Just the simple task of finding good bananas for one of my neighbors was great fun. It took a very early visit to an already busy grocery store to find some and in turn, the same neighbor got a torn work jacket repaired for me.

In the bigger picture, I love giving blood and realize the need is great. With the attention on the virus and fear of the process, blood donations for other medical issues have waned. Use to find a drive near you. Kannapolis Church of Christ has a drive on scheduled Friday and Mt. Zion Church of Christ in China Grove has one on next Sunday afternoon. Check ahead for any changes.

We certainly have plenty of uncertainty and reasons for concern, but hopefully these are some ideas that will replace worry in a positive way. Yes, there are good things still happening. Let’s remember them and plenty of other blessings we still have. Check out the blooming azaleas and the nice weather as you can. Keep those prayers going.

Look for cancellations and postponements on upcoming events. .