Letter: Democrats will sink like the Titanic

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 6, 2019

I just watched another hourlong political news program. You know, Republicans and Democrats are slugging over Ukraine. All the usual suspects were mulled over. There were names like Trump, Biden, Schiff, “Whistleblower,” Pelosi, Pompeo and Giuliani bounced back and forth like rubber balls.

But whether it’s cable news or daily newspaper columns from lying hypocrites at the Associated Press, there are three names that almost never cross the lips or fingers of the liberal press and pundits. The shameful dishonesty is that these three men are at the center of everything “impeachment.” No wonder a recent Gallup poll has the press’ approval at 13% — around two points below a rattlesnake in heat.

Their names are Attorney General William Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. These three are viewed by Democrats as poisonous and for good reason. All of this dreamed-up “whistleblower” trash is nothing more than tinkling brass for the masses to soften the blows of these three massive hammers that are going to expose and indict half the liberal Democrats swimming in the swamp’s sewage.

This is exactly why we sent President Donald Trump to Washington.

The other day, I saw John Brennan, the catalyst of the great Russian hoax that has impeded the progress of this country for the last three years, being interviewed on MSNBC. To say that he wore a look of terror in those crooked eyes is a monumental understatement, as he mentioned his upcoming interview with John Durham.

Those falling sledgehammers will likely take out some names vaguely familiar to all of us as well. Names like Obama, Lynch, Clapper, Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers, just to shave a little ice from the berg.
Speaking of icebergs, these swamp rats may be cruising on the 1912 Titanic.
— Randy Biggerstaff