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Published 12:00 am Friday, June 7, 2019

County pauses Rescue Squad funding …

If it hadn’t been for the effort, equipment, skill and quick action of the Rescue Squad along with the Bostian Fire Department, I wouldn’t be alive today to write my response to this inept and backward thinking.

— Brian Keith Maher

Opposition from tennis players prompts city …

How about some Jai Alai courts? Don’t we get some love?

— William H Moffitt

Cokie and Steven Roberts: The heart of our democracy

Republicans, especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, continually support the falsities and cover-up for the crimes exposed in the Mueller report. Impeachment would be a move by the Democratic House, but it would be futile because of the Senate Republicans who would block impeachment.

— Pat Bullard

Renee MacNutt: Local tax dollars should be spent to help poor

I just read the 12 principles of the Poor People’s Campaign. I was hoping I would find a group that was actively helping the poor by teaching them how to rise out of poverty. But what I found was a group that says the poor are blameless for their situation and they are poor because of “systemic racism” and “a society built on white supremacy.”

— Vera Cope

When deciding what avenues to pursue for revenue, municipal officials (elected and appointed) should consider how they will affect different income levels.

For instance, raising municipal utility bills is going to hurt low income families, especially single parents, far more than it will hurt property owners.

— Mike-o Martelli

Poverty has no color. Poor white poor are deceived into not seeing themselves as poor and thus do not join the fight for their own survival. The Poor People’s Campaign is a movement for all people who want to see justice for all people.

— Dora Mbuwayesango

… Salisbury needs funding for Empire Hotel

To whom does the Empire Hotel belong? In August 2016, it was announced that DSI had signed a purchase agreement with Historic Preservation Partners Holdings, LLC in the amount of $880,000. Does the city, or a private developer, own it now?

— Jeff Morris

I guess the mayor is too busy trying to destroy or move “Fame” and all the other personal agenda items that she worries about to tend to this.

— Cathy Cowan Basinger

Maybe the county should include that million dollars in the 2020 budget as an economic incentive package. I mean, after all, nothing would positively impact the downdown more than getting this building renovated, and the tax revunue it would generate for years to come would be benifical to both the county and city.

— Greg Rapp

Renewal offers revamp for 5 high schools

Congratulations Salisbury High School. Mastery based education — that is the way it should have always been for everyone.

— Mary Christie Himes

Ask Us: Will light rail make its way to Kannapolis?

I work in Charlotte every Wednesday. I drive to the J.W. Clay Station, park in the garage there and take the light rail to CTC, which is two blocks from the office. It works great.

— Gregory Shields

… Buckwell named regional superintendent of year

Congratulations to Dr. Chip Buckwell. Since meeting him 25 or so years ago, I have enjoyed watching his journey in his career. It is his down-to-earth personality, professionalism, caring attitude and love for students that stand out.

— Glenn Eagle

My turn, Pam Bloom: ‘Fame’ needs new home in Salisbury

I was in Lexington recently, and noticed that they, of course, have a civil war monument. Theirs is a bit different, though, and the difference is key. First, while it may have been placed prominently at the time, it is not in the middle of the road, but in a small side park. It is a simple obelisk maybe 20 feet high.

Other than the letters C.S.A., that is it. With respect to my friends who, with some justification, view the Confederacy on a par with the Third Reich, I find the Lexington monument unobjectionble.

— Luke Hamaty

Commissioners decrease property tax rate by half cent …

There are those who will point out that with revaluation, we will still be paying more in property taxes, so our taxes are going up. They’ll use this ammunition to criticise or complain about the current slate of commissioners, calling it a de facto tax increase. Those who are happy with this move will proclaim this as a tax cut. Technically, both statements are true.

— Eric Shock

Landis aldermen set budget hearing

The statement by Tommy Garver is misleading. He stated he lives by himself and is out of town half the month. That’s why his power bill is only $100 dollars.

— Kenny Goodman

Catawba falls to Mercyhurst, eliminated …

Not the way rhey wanted it to end, but a great season nonetheless: — conference title, region championship, World Series berth, and most wins in a single season. There’s much to be proud of.

— Stuart Smith