David Freeze: Teri and Philip: Vacation influences results

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 5, 2019

Both Teri Shaw and Philip Martin have been making great progress, but vacation loomed as part of April’s makeup. How would they do? Vacation can be good or bad, depending on how fitness seekers respond. Back to that later.

Teri, who manages the City Park Recreation building, remains positive. She said, “My clothes are fitting better and some are just too big! On vacation I rode a few roller coasters where it felt good to easily slide into the seat without feeling uncomfortable, an eye opener for me and a feel good moment!”

Philip, GM at Chick-fil-A and pastor at Gold Hill Wesleyan, agreed, “I can tell my body is changing most in the way my pants fit, now down two belt loops and one pants size. It’s exciting and I am hoping to get down to the size of clothes stuffed in the back of my closet for a few years.”
With bodies getting smaller, stamina is increasing. Teri said, “I don’t have as many minor aches and pains and I can move around more and longer, even with cleaning and doing laundry at home. I don’t find myself taking as many breaks with an aching back or just being tired.”
Philip can get more accomplished in less time. He said, “After work, I’d head to get other things done and find myself taking twice the time it should because I was exhausted. I’ve gotten

more accomplished and my children find that I don’t just come home and flop down but do things outside with them.”
Both found vacation was a little more challenging than expected. Teri said, “With traveling, it was harder to get my water in because of bathroom access. A different than normal schedule really threw off my eating. My next vacation will be planned better, packing snacks that will be filling and satisfying. I continued my daily workouts by using the fitness center on site.”

Making sure to get his exercise, Philip said, “If I don’t exercise, I feel very lethargic. I just got up early and ran while my wife slept. The exercise portion was good but with this being a birthday get-away and my gift to her, it was hard to lay off all the good food on Hilton Head. We didn’t have a kitchen at our resort, so eating every meal out was difficult on my diet.”
Teri has noticed her workouts are “easier.” She said, “That is a good and bad thing. As my body gets fitter, becoming more creative has to give me a challenge and get my heart rate going. On the bike and treadmill, I try to do intervals of higher and lower intensity. When I can’t make the classes at the Forum, I’ll use some of my old workout DVDs to add variety.

Philip has found running. He said, “I really enjoy running now, which I previously hated. I view it differently and enjoy it more. As a two-sport college athlete, I have enjoyed challenges against other players or teams. Running is you vs your body and mind, and I find that I’m now battling the clock too. Running on a consistent basis is truly enjoyable. I’m preparing for my first 5K this year with the Foot Pursuit 5K coming up in a few weeks, and I look forward to the new challenge.”

May goals are set. Both Teri and Philip want to lose five more pounds. Teri wants to increase the variety of her workouts to challenge the body. She has been great about setting small goals to limit the chance of injury. Philip wants to keep getting faster and complete his 5K on May 10.
Both Teri and Philip still have areas to improve. Teri said, “Meal planning is an ongoing challenge. Finding foods that are healthy and satisfying keep eating from getting boring. The right or wrong foods make or break progress.” Philip still wants to get more sleep. He said, “I was able to get more out of my workouts on vacation because my body and mind got more rest.”

Results are in for April. Teri lost five pounds and is now down 28 for the year. Philip lost 5.5 pounds and remains just behind at 26.5 pounds lost.
May has huge potential. Let’s see what happens! See you at the end of May.

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