David Freeze: A new fitness journey: Introducing Teri and Phillip

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2019

The 2019 version of the Salisbury Post wellness experience has begun. I have two fine participants and I can’t wait to introduce them. It is going to be a fun ride.
Teri Shaw manages the City Park Recreation Center for the City of Salisbury. She is a former high school athlete and is 37. Her family of four includes husband Tim and daughters, Reya and Joy. She has worked for the city for 16 years.
Philip Martin is the general manager at Chick-fil-A in Salisbury and is also the pastor at Gold Hill Wesleyan Church. He turns 40 in August and is married to Amber. Daughter Avery turned 13 last Saturday and son, Jaxson, is 11. Philip coaches two basketball teams that Jaxson plays on.
I asked both Teri and Philip why they wanted to do the wellness challenge. Teri said, “I have worked out off and on since high school. Those days, I could exercise hard, eat what I wanted and feel great. Now, time has changed my body. I felt this opportunity would allow me to train my older body and wiser mind. I want to learn how to properly fuel my body and train for realistic and timely results.”
Philip says simply, “I want to be fit and lose some weight. This was a great way to get help and have accountability.”
Next, I asked, “What are your goals for February and for the whole year? More than just weight loss, how will you measure your progress?” Teri said, “My February goal is to lose 5 pounds. My yearly goal is to make health and fitness my priority, so at the end of the year when the challenge is over, I have the tools to keep going! I want to feel better and while I may not drop to my high school weight, I will feel the difference when completing daily tasks with more ease.”
“My goal for February is to lose another 5 pounds. I measure my progress by how I feel, how much weight I lose, by how my clothes fit and how my knees and feet feel. My goal for the year is to get my weight under 200 pounds so I can be more fit and be able to hang with my children better,” was Philip’s reply.
Both Teri and Philip have made impressive changes already. Teri said, “Drinking more water and monitoring calorie intake have helped. I have been drinking no less than 64 oz and most days 104 oz. I want to plan ahead for healthier meal and snack options.” Philip added, “I’ve changed my diet and increased my exercise program. The problems I face with working three jobs and coaching a few basketball teams are finding time to ensure my exercise is consistent, and proper meal planning. Being on the road so much, it’s hard trying to stay away from the foods that are easy to get and shifting toward healthier options.”
These are two motivated participants. Teri has already dropped seven pounds and Philip 3.5. Teri says, “Yes, I already feel a lot better and I can tell a difference in my energy level just because of hydration. This is working!”
Philip has chronic issues with his back, legs and shins and is recovering from a back problem as we close January. He said, “Other than this setback, I have more energy and don’t feel so lethargic. I really enjoy the program, the comradery and having David and Teri to encourage and push me to be better. I’m hoping to start running some of the races as long as I can find some to fit my schedule. I enjoy competition and look forward to the grind toward achieving my goals.”
Likewise, I can see a fun year ahead with both Teri and Philip and watching their improvement. We’ll visit with a Novant Health registered dietician in early February and branch out into other basic exercise before ramping up on specifics.
Once again, The Forum and JF Hurley YMCA are partnering with me and the Salisbury Post for the program.
Philip is already mentioning his wellness journey in his weekly sermons and Teri knows that she will be a good example to others since she works in city recreation.
We’ll be back in a month. See you then!