Elizabeth Cook: Here is what’s where under new schedule

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 10, 2018

News happens seven days a week.

As Publisher Greg Anderson announced Sunday, the Salisbury Post is changing to a five-day-a-week publication schedule, Tuesday-Friday and Sunday. Our news staff, though, will continue to report local goings-on every day. We’ll post the news online on the days we don’t print, Mondays and Saturdays, starting tomorrow.

But what about Friday night football? we’ve been asked. And where will Faith news go? Will the Post continue running the Sharon Randall syndicated column?

The news staff is still adjusting to the new print schedule, just as readers are. We’re updating our coverage strategy and moving around some regular features. Here’s the plan:

• Sports: Sports Editor Dennis Davidson says he’ll have time to do more reporting, since he won’t be laying out pages on Friday night. He plans to have comprehensive coverage of Friday sports for readers to find online Saturday. The results will then be published in Sunday’s paper. The latest sports news will also be posted online Monday, with follow-ups in Tuesday’s paper.

• Faith: The Faith page has moved to Friday’s print paper, as you will find on Page 6A today.

• Opinion: Sharon Randall’s touching slice-of-life column is moving to Friday’s paper; it’s on Page 8A today. Quotes of the Week will move to Sunday’s Insight section.

• Puzzles: Fans of our crossword puzzle, Sudoku and Celebrity Cipher will find the Saturday and Monday puzzles (and solutions) in Sunday’s paper.

• Monday features: The Town Crier list of upcoming public meetings and events will now appear in Sunday’s paper, as will the Yesterday photo. We’ll post Ester Marsh’s popular health and fitness column online Monday and print it Tuesday.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we go through this transition.

— Elizabeth Cook, editor