David Freeze: A slow day speeds up quickly

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 9, 2018

After submitting my story Thursday night from Austin, I went exploring.

The first item on my list was Stokes Castle, built in 1897 to resemble a Roman castle. It doesn’t really look like a castle but it commands one of the most fantastic views I have ever seen. The castle is on the National Historic Register and was amazing at one time. The Stokes family lived in it for only two months.

My motel for the evening was Cozy Mountain Motel, a nice place made nicer by the great price and working WiFi. It seems that WiFi is hard to find in these parts, and the motel I stayed in Friday night dod not have it. But there were other places nearby that do.

So if you see this story, you know I found WiFi along the street.

Friday’s ride was full of mountain passes and summits, this time topping Austin Summit at 7,484 feet, then Bob Scott Summit at 7,267 feet and finally Hickison Summit at 6,546 feet. The rest of the ride was much tamer and didn’t offer much for the next 40 miles except a lot of beautiful natural scenery.

My ride totaled 71 miles, but it was the last 10 and arrival in Eureka that really got interesting.

I met Mark Kolding from, Berkeley, California, as he was pedaling from San Francisco to Norfolk. Mark plans to spend about 45 days doing it.

Just a few minutes afterward, a new friend that I had just made in Carson City hopped out of her car calling my name. Anne Marie Aydellot had provided a light breakfast and a place to nap before our next legs of the Reno/Tahoe Odyssey.

Anne and her husband, Greg, who works at Mission Senior Living, had worked up a plan for Anne, her stepmom, Joyce Peters, and Anne’s mom, Debbie Neel, to find me on U.S. 50 as they headed out for a women’s mini-vacation to Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks. Well, find me they did, and we got pictures and they left me and Mark with cold drinks and Reese’s Cups and new energy to finish off Friday’s ride. Smiles all around on that one.

We both pedaled on into Eureka, and I found the place full of people and no available rooms. I was told that I should have booked in February to come here. Of course, I couldn’t do that, but the Ruby Hill Motel and owner Lola saved the day. Although she also was sold out, she had saved me a room after I had called ahead.

We played phone tag and she missed me but still saved the room. And a great room it was, too, wonderful for some peace and quiet. Thank you, Lola!

I tried the library to see if I could submit my story off its WiFi, but it did not have WiFi for patrons. That is the first time I have ever heard that.

An even longer ride is on tap today to Ely, with no supplies for 77 miles this time. I stopped at the grocery store on the way in and have some good things, hopefully enough to get the job done. I had my favorites watermelon, bananas and yogurt for Friday night.

I will have more about Eureka on Sunday. It’s another silver and gold mining boom town where gold mining is still going on.

There will more climbing today, and it is supposed to be windy, with gusts to 50 mph.

Join me back here and I’ll fill you in on what happens.