Ester Marsh column: Believe in yourself

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 12, 2018

When 2018 began, we started doing daily video clips on the Y Facebook page and YouTube (Esterciz) and have had amazing responses.

One day last week was on “Believe in Yourself” and we received lots of positive feedback. I figure I will expand on this important subject.

To believe you can, first of course, you have to set reachable goals as I have mentioned before. Start with baby steps. If it’s starting an exercise regimen, start with a minimum of twice a week and build on that. For weight loss, start with a goal of five pounds and then set the next reachable goal. It can be anything from getting a higher education to finding long-lost family members or friends (just to name a few).

Second, and most importantly, you have to believe you can! If you are already second-guessing yourself before you start, I can tell you that you are going to fail.

You should be your No. 1 cheerleader. If you are doubting yourself, how can you convince others to believe in you? Many times, I come in contact with people who have such low self esteem. So what if you don’t “fit into that mold”?

I was so fortunate to grow up in a family where individuality was encouraged. I also was told not to “judge a book by its cover.” I have made great friends this way. I was told by others they were “weird” or “snooty” or “eccentric” but when I actually took the time to know them they were amazing people to be around and have as friends.

So my hope is that you become your own greatest cheerleader. Set your goals and go get them! I believe you can, so now believe you can!

Ester Marsh is health & fitness director of JF Hurley Family YMCA and as a believer, she can accomplish all kinds of awesome things!