Letter to the editor: He said, he said

Published 4:27 pm Monday, June 12, 2017

These past few days I’ve been following the Trump vs. Comey battle. If you’ve been watching CNN, Trump should be impeached and stand trial. If you’ve been watching Fox News, Trump has been totally vindicated, and Comey should face charges.

How can we have such wildly different interpretations about something where facts should remove all of these wildly different interpretations in the first place? Have we become so agenda-driven that even facts contrary to your agenda don’t stop you from pursuing that agenda? This seems to be the dangerous trend of today.

I don’t know how Trump vs. Comey is going to play out. What I’ve discerned so far is that, although Trump’s actions have been questionable, they’ve been legal. But what do I know? The lawyers of this country can’t even come to a consensus on the real meaning of the First and Second amendments. As for global warming, everyone has a different set of numbers and how they came about. You could put those same guys in a room, ask them what 2+2 is and probably none would say 4.

I’m getting fed up. This latest Trump/Comey fiasco just seems to illustrate the state of American politics. America wants somebody, some party, to get us back on track. We really don’t care who. But that is just the opposite of how our “elected” officials feel. They want to solve America’s problems, all right, but only if they can take the credit. Disgraceful.

Bring on term limits!

— Allan Gilmour