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What online readers say about … (06/09/17)

… Councilman Kenny Hardin announces intention to run for re-election

There are many positions that I disagree with Mr. Hardin on, and few where I agree with him.

That said, unlike much of the world of politics these days, even those things I disagree with him on, I can understand and respect his position. With such in mind, I am glad to hear that he is running for re-election, as a voice that you may disagree with but at least makes you think is a valuable asset to have.

— Eric Shock

What I like about Councilman Hardin is that he hangs the laundry on the line, the dirty and the clean. That is exactly where public laundry ought to be so that, in the bright light of public scrutiny, we can tell what needs to go through the wash cycle again.

Quite likely those who shove the too dirty stuff under the bed or back in the closet don’t like him. That says more about them than him.

— Whitney Peckman

… Political notebook: Indivisible group schedules town hall for 8th District

The statement by Congressman Hudson’s spokesperson that activists protested or brought a coffin to his home is completely false.

No one ever even entered his neighborhood. After Rep. Hudson’s continued failure to meet with his constituents and hold a town hall, we held a protest at his district office.

The theme was in fact a mock “political funeral” to impress upon the congressman, that the longer he ignores his voters the more likely his political career is over.

So, unless Richard Hudson lives out of his office in Concord.

— Doshia James

If the “geographic size of our district” is too big, it needs to be redrawn and reorganized. This could mean that all of the districts in North Carolina should be restructured.

— Reginald Brown

… The shop in back: After 40 years, florist David Harrison eyes retirement

Terrific article Mark. Congratulations David. You will surely be missed. Thanks for your service to your country and to this community.

— Tom Speaks

I always enjoyed talking with David when in the shop. And he always made the most beautiful arrangements. I hope he had a wonderful retirement.

—Brenda Miller

Love this place and they do the best work around. It is very sad to see David leave. It will never be the same.

Thank you so much, David, for all the beautiful flowers my family has got from you over the years. I don’t know what we will do without you. Best wishes for you always.

— Tammie Scoggins

… “Lucky 13th”: Annual Pops at the Post all about good fortune

Yesterday evening was probably the best ever!

Bravo to the musicians and volunteers, to Dr. Hagy and to Executive Director Linda Jones for bringing this outstanding event together. Congratulations and thank you for a super performance!

— Bill Bucher

… My Turn: Is education a hoax?

Excellent. I am in disbelief at how scientists are being shunned in favor of climate deniers. But then they are supporting big oil companies, etc., who profit from continuing to pollute our planet.

— Pat Bullard

It’s not science when you manipulate the data to fit an agenda.

— Wes Rhinier

Perhaps as a parent it would have been better if you would have taught your children to be productive, invent a product and market their ideas, instead of setting them loose in an education system that today goes nowhere, produces very little, and helps no one.

— Dennis Johnson

… Letter: A successful town hall

I also believe that the Representative I send to D.C. is accountable to me and others in my district.

I have contacted Mr. Richard Hudson on several occasions requesting a meeting or phone call and he has yet to respond. I’m not sure why. I have not called his office ranting or raving. I have concerns and many questions about the new health care plan as well as Russia’s involvement in our election.

I hope Mr. Hudson realizes the famous words of Tip O’Neill, “All politics is local.”

— Vickie Newsome Waddell

Letter: Thanks for food drive support

I want to thank everyone who was involved. It says a lot when you take a little time to give to others who have less or none. Blessed be the one who gives to their neighbors. One day you or I may be the one who needs that help.

— Bonnie Beaver

John Hood: NC government shouldn’t control alcohol sales

I guess you finally ran out of things that criticize the Democrats so you rattle on about the drunks of the state.

— Ralph Walton

People now expect your quotes to be the first to follow a John Hood article. You have proven that you are Rowan County’s own little version of Maxine Waters.

— Steve Poteat

“If your conception of freedom is that it ought only to extend to behavior with which you personally agree, you’ve conceived it out of existence.” — Truer words were never spoken. The government telling people how to live their lives, be it under the guise of liberalism or conservatism, is still the anthesis of freedom.

— Eric Shock

… Fox makes meal of local man’s chickens

Sorry Buddy, I would tell you to shoot the fox, but I know how you shoot.

— Arne Lokkeberg

… Karl E. Hales: Many contributed to NSSA success in Salisbury

NSSA, or whatever it became known as, was a highlight of my student and professional days at Catawba.

It is where I got to know many national sports writers, sportscasters and celebrities. (Mickey Mantle once cleaned out my liquor cabinet.) I am sorry it is now gone and its departure is probably overdue.

But I am not meaning to sound crass, it seems to me if it had to move, it could have found a larger venue and its offerings than Winston-Salem, the current home of the executive director who makes his love of Wake Forest apparent rather than Catawba — the official associated school.

If it had only had professional special events people come in earlier, it would still be in Salisbury. If only its value had been seen.

— Jim Barco

… Rowan authorities looking for two masked men who robbed Dollar General

Described as “light-skinned.” Albino? Pale white man? Light skinned black man? Are we so scared to now say exactly what race a suspect is?

— Crystal Denise Gale

… Four council members to seek re-election in Kannapolis

Let the games begin. I will be spending my time and effort replacing Darrell Hinnant.

The prevailing theme in this article is that the current people in their current positions are the only ones qualified to make decisions for the residents of Kannapolis.

This is nonsense. The residents who vote are the decision-makers, given they have the opportunity to vote on various subjects as, 1 ( downtown project) 2 (moving the ballfield) 3 (the carousel). The voters never had the opportunity to say yea or nea on any of the matter;, this is not good.

— Dennis Johnson

I can’t vote in this eletion but I can certainly campaign for these candidates and offer my help on election day.

— Gary Douglas Walter

… Hardin leaves in middle of City Council meeting

I watched this live. Disgraceful display by persons elected to represent the citizens of Salisbury. Even trying to rush the agenda because of personal business was not right. You should not have run for office if you can’t devote your time to your elected position and the citizens of Salisbury and do it in a civil manner.

— George W. Benson

Wow! What is really happening in Salisbury?!

— Regina Perry Jumah

Councilmen that supposed to be representing you in fact are only representing themselves. Just pure unadulterated grandstanding.

— Jimmy Potts

… District Attorney clears police officer in Ferguson Laurent shooting

About time this officer can get on with his life. It is a sad day when you are run though the ringer for doing your job, and defending yourself!

— John Collins

How can the public gain access to the 172-page report? Also, was it worth taking a human life over the items seized? “Police seized what officials believed to be crack cocaine, marijuana and several burnt marijuana roaches, rolling papers, digital scales, $1,513 in cash, weapons accessories, cellphones, ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a bong mask at the residence.

They also seized an expensive watch, flat-screen televisions, a laptop computer, video games and consoles and a computer tablet.”

Was it worth it?

I will continue to appeal to the city to suspend the “no-knock” warrants. Also, we need to recruit a qualified candidate to run against District Attorney Brandy Cook.

— Regina Dancy

If a crook breaks into a house with intent to rob, or kidnap, (but not kill), and a resident shoots at the intruder and the intruder shoots back (10 times, each hitting him), that intruder will be charged with murder.

That intruder will not get off because “he was shot at first.” He will be charged with murder.

However, if a person wearing a badge busts in anannounced, then it is justifiable.

At the People’s Assembly, David Post stated that every time no knock warrants warrants have been challenged in court, at every level of the courts they have been held up because “their are some incidents where the police announce themselves and they get shot.”

This is sending a message that, as far is the courts are comcerned, “blue” lives matter more than other lives.


— Mike-o Martelli

Criminal shot at police. Police shot and killed the criminal. It turned out the way it should. Good shoot. The cop did nothing wrong but it amazes me the people who think he did.

I guess some always have an excuse for everything.

— Brad VunCannon

… Rowan authorities looking for two masked men who robbed Dollar General

Did the man living nearby, observing “two men sneaking around the building” bother to tell 911 he “thought their behavior outside store was suspicious” before or after the robbery?

— Larry Craver

… At 103, no plans to slow down for Kannapolis resident Edna Price

Peace and blessings to you Ms. Edna. You are right when you say that God has you around this long for a reason, and may he continue to keep you around as long as need be. I commend you for your dedication to staying healthy, eating right and regular exercise along with taking time to enjoy social activities. You are a force to be reckoned with because there are many people so much younger than you that are not nearly as active as you are. So, I give you prayers of joy, happiness, continued strength, guidance and peace.

May you be blessed each and every day and enjoy every moment filled with lots of love, laughter, joy, happiness, strength, respect, honesty, faith, dedication to the Lord and peace!!! Happy, happy, happy birthday.

Respectfully, and filled with GRACE, take good care!!!!

— Malinda-Pinki     Pierce-Feimster



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