Letters to the editor — Sunday (1-1-2017)

Published 12:15 am Sunday, January 1, 2017

Did Russia let Trump win?

The sore loser tantrum continues. Anti-Trumpees want us to believe that because of some Russian hacks Hillary lost the election. This is a stretch.

During the entire campaign just about every major newspaper, countless websites, the entire Democratic and half the Republican Party did nothing but blast Donald Trump. Yet now we are led to believe that because of a few Russian hacks Hillary lost? I don’t believe it.

Actually, when I think of it I feel Russia would prefer Hillary over Trump as president. They know her. They have seen how she performed as secretary of state, which was anything but tough and intimidating. They don’t know Trump. He’s a maverick, a possible loose cannon. That could work to our advantage. Besides, didn’t Hillary win the popular vote? Makes you wonder who was hacking whom and about what.

But fear not, all you devastated Hillary supporters. In two short years, besides calling in sick, skipping classes and exams and checking out counseling stations, you can vote. You can vote to change Congress, and two years later you can throw the bum out.

Between now and then let’s give his ideas a chance. Our political system will not allow him to be an out-of-control, wacked-out dictator. I believe he loves America. Let him try to show it.

— Allan Gilmour



Thanks for the help

I’d like to thank the three people who helped me get back up after a nasty fall at the farmer’s market on Fisher Street in Salisbury on Dec. 3, 2016.

I was walking by a wire and stepped on a 6-inch stake that was sticking up out of the ground. I didn’t see it. My left foot was hooked on it, and I fell forward.

Nancy saw me fall and came to help me.

She was so upset that I felt bad for her, but she got Larry to help, and a man also came out of the library to help. I didn’t get his name, but God bless you all for helping me.

Larry pulled the stake out of the ground. It was over 3 feet deep and had been there a long time.

Nancy got me a chair so I could sit and stop spinning. She also went shopping for me. She was so nice to me. We talked a while until I felt like I could drive home.

I was sore, but they helped me to my car. What a trip!

So merry Christmas and happy new year, everyone. Thank you so much.

— Joyce Orphanoudakis



Can we M.O.V.E. on?

In the year 2016, I started the M.O.V.E. (make our visits enjoyable) program. It didn’t work. Jimmy Porter was the only person to stand up and speak up. So, at this time, I would like to thank him.

Also in 2016 several people received the Long Leaf Pine. This honor was given for a lot of different reasons. One recipient stated that he keeps a list of all the people he helps. Well, I keep a list too.

Mine is a list of the feckless leaders of Rowan County that “could have” helped and “should have” helped, but did “absolutely nothing” to help M.O.V.E. concerning banning tobacco in the county parks. There is no need to call any of you out — again. You know who you are and each and every one of you should be ashamed and embarrassed.

The Salisbury Post lists darts and laurels. If the Long Leaf Pine is a laurel, then here goes you a dart.

A dishonor for these leaders doing nothing about M.O.V.E. Their prize will be a S.O.Y.-B.E.A.N.! “Shame On You — Besides Evasive Answers, Nothing!”

I’m hoping in 2017 that just one of you S.O.Y.-B.E.A.N. prize winners will stand up and M.O.V.E.

Perhaps then you can swap your bean in for a pine needle or maybe a feather to stick in your cap. Or somewhere else, in case you don’t wear a cap. Then we’ll both be tickled.

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County