Garden Game: Sunflowers reaching for the sky

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 5, 2016

Maddie Holden has sunflowers so tall, she can’t even reach them on a ladder.

Maddie, 8, got giant sunflower seeds in Sunday school and her grandfather Johnny Cozart got some mammoth sunflower seeds at L.L. Goodnight’s and planted those, along with Maddie’s.

They never expected to get a stand of 11-foot tall sunflowers.

Maddie will enter third grade at Millbridge Elementary School this year. Her grandmother, Belinda Cozart, has helped her take care of the sunflowers.

Cozart’s daughters live on either side of her and she thinks, “how lucky they are to see farms and where things come from.”

Maddie says the wind and heat have been hard on her flowers, and it will soon be time to save the seeds.

The plants are in a bed surrounded by rocks, and the family fills the whole area with water and lets it soak into the ground.