Quotes of the Week

Published 12:01 am Friday, July 1, 2016

“We’re not part of the overall scientific debate and we don’t know who is right in this, but to wait for the potential of years and years of debate over this is likely not acceptable to the residents.”

— Greg Edds, Commissioners Chairman,

on including Dukeville in the county’s plans for a water system

“At this point, we’re just kind of backed against the wall.”

— Kenneth Muhammad El, Dunbar   Charter School Chairman

on his group’s plans to purchase the school system’s former central office

“If it makes me nervous, and I’ve been performing for 31 years, I know it’s going to make some young trans person feel a little bit uneasy about what’s going on”

— Salisbury native Jamie Monroe,

on House Bill 2’s effects

“I didn’t sleep last night I was so excited.”

— Heather LeMaster, Red Cross disaster program specialist

on emergency preparedness class offered in Kannapolis