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Deeds, Nov. 8

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle for the last half of September, with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.

 Atwell Township

Ronald Nelms and wife to Michael S. Julian and wife, $740,000

David W. Carrigan to Justin B. Davidson and wife, $70,000

Michael R. Hayes Jr. to Levi Smith and wife, $105,000

Blake Allen Rogers and others to Brandon E. Harrington, $20,000

Joann P. Newcomb to Pedro Martinez Jr., $223,000

Rickey Lee McCray and spouse to Christopher D. Waddell and spouse, $655,000

Kathy Miller to Roque Perez Perez, $25,000

Steven D. Brotherton and wife to Robert Stiltner and wife, $45,000

Primestar Properties Inc. to David Caldwell Rowland, $3,000

Clyde H. Williams and wife to James Bryan Anders, $230,000

Shirley Sharpe Hartis and husband to Clayton Singleton, $10,000

Milo H. Segner Jr. as liquidating trustee to Robert Dotter, $50,000

Linda S. Kilby to Billy A. Honeycutt Jr. and spouse, $119,000

 China Grove Township

Sandra H. Ritter to Lewis D. Giles, $106,000

Ryan S. Brown and wife to Andrew D. Quillan, $151,000

Lloyd Allen Welter and wife to Jason Westley Burris, $50,000

Johnny R. Morgan and wife to Debra Louise Freeman, $35,000

Alvin D. Gingerich and wife as trustees to Thomas E. Johnson and wife, $439,000

Leonel Leon Medoza and Daniel Mendoza to Gustavo Olivares Adame, $63,000

Trustees of Trinity United Methodist Church and others to Wanda B. Outlaw, $3,500

Trustees of Trinity United Methodist Church and others to Gary W. Barnes and wife, $1,000

Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Dale C. Ellis and wife, $160,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. to Michael Karmatz, $24,000

J.J.J.F. LLC to William G. Laney and wife, $155,000

Kenneth E. Callicutt Jr. to Hector Delgado, $97,000

Margie C. Kemp and Jerry Price and wife to Matthew Price and Wife, $121,000

Barbara Carolyn Patterson to the Department of Transportation, $5,000

John L. Funderburke to the Department of Transportation, $5,500

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank N.A., $81,000

Amanda Duffell to Michael J. Morgan and wife, $29,000

Patricia D. Broome as executrix of estate to J.R. Construction and Remodeling, Inc., $12,000

Deborah D. Barlow and husband to Benjamin F. Craige and wife, $118,000

EGW Enterprises LLC to Jamie Lee McCraven and wife, $212,000

Barbara Elaine Roach Palmer and others to Edna Jabagat and Isagani Jabagat, $72,000

Eric Wayne Deal and wife to Marites P. Uroquiola, $68,000

Bobby Ray Tutterow and wife to John W. Holshouser and Judy H. Correll, $38,000

Ricky Dean Shuping and wife to Tarheel Property Group LLC, $6,500

Clement A. Brewer Jr. and others to Hector Marquez, $33,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute Trustee to Martha C. Carpenter and husband, $157,000

Christiana Trust as trustee to Anthony Frampton and Nathan Graham, $32,000

CitiFinancial Servicing LLC by attorney-in-fact to Ronald M. Batres, $15,500

Patrick Dale Cooke and wife to Pedro Cardena, Jr. and Bertha V. Cardenas, $88,000

Eric S. Hott and spouse to Geoffrey A. Flores, $150,000

Dennis M. Dillenback and wife to Kyle E. West and wife, $244,500

Charles Leonard Freeze to Michael C. Allison, $31,000

True Homes LLC to Robert P. Belle, $182,500

Ted Nelson Stegall Jr. and wife to Preston D. Perry, $84,500

James Michael Phillips Jr. and wife to Jeff Draper, $55,000

Trustee Services of North Carolina LLC to U.S. Bank N.A., as trustee, $29,500

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC as substitute trustee to David Miller Realty and Investment Inc., $74,000

Shea Investment Fund I LLC to Patti Hudspeth Honeycutt, $203,000

Shea Investment Fund I LLC to Gary Beaver, $189,000

Sunstitute Trustee Services Inc. to Flex Investments LLC, $102,000

Shea Investment Fund I LLC to Patrick Cary Wright and wife, $186,000

 Cleveland Township

Robert L. Brooks and Karen L. Brooks to Robert L. Brooks Jr. and Jennifer N. Brooks, $94,500

U.S. Bank N.A. to Donna Jenkins and John Jenkins, $80,000

Dickie Ronald Fraley and wife to Kathy Fraley Brown, $217,000

 Franklin Township

John C. Betts and wife to West Moffitt Properties LLC, $340,000

Christopher McNeely and wife to Bradley N. Stephenson and wife, $223,000

U.S. Bank Trust N.A. to Merling Javier Oliva Garcia, $37,000

Herbert C. Rhodes and wife to Harold Scott and wife, $150,000

Virginia B. Alexander, Margaret A. Gentry and husband to Dennis Wilkerson and wife, $125,000

James A. Fisher and wife to Timothy W. Smith and wife, $257,500

U.S. Bank N.A., as trustee to Diego Jimenez-Arevalo, $25,000

Kondaur Captial Corporation as trustee to Steadfast Capital Management LLC, $42,500

Rhonda Owen Childress and husband and others to Ronald Oscar Fleming and wife, $114,000

Howard W. Everhart as trustee to Joshua R. Dorn, $138,000

Grand Nagus Holdings Inc., a North Carolina corporation to James W. Scarboro, $165,000

First Troy SPE LLC to Warren Ashe and wife, $38,500

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank,N.A., $52,500

Rogers Townsend and Thomas PC to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $23,500

Michael Francis Bianchi individually and as executor of estate and others to Jason Combs, $124,500

Holly Leaf LLC to Scott Gary Properties LLC, $3,400,000

 Gold Hill Township

Paul Bryant Waller to West Park Baptist Church, $12,000

Wendon S. Vail and wife to Chuck Richard Hayworth and wife, $295,000

Jeffrey Bryan Duncan and wife to Jones and Hughes Real Estate LLC, $128,000

Andrew Benson Christenbury Sr. to Lori Ann Hammond, $15,500

Kimberly J. Kerr to Joshua Wayne Brady, $187, 500

Park Sterling Bank to Shawn Bassett, $83,500

Lori Ann Hammond to Johnnie Darryl Carter and wife, $32,000

Lawrence G. Misenheimer Jr. and wife and others to Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County NC Inc., $17,000

Estate of Hoyle R. Talbert to Keith H. Dorsett and Lindsey H. Eller, $150,000

Stacey Pauley and husband to Shelley Daubenmire, $194,000

Stephanie M. Ellis and husband to Donald Pauley and wife, $245,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Kevin Trexler and Kenneth Harmer, $65,500

The Bank of New York Mellon as trustee to Kenneth M. Mills, $112,500

Poore Substitute Trustee LTD to EWG Enterprises LLC, $54,000

Litaker Township

M&R Investments of Salisbury LLC to Carrie S. Melton and Lynn C. Shoemaker, $125,500

Sifford Construction LLC to Robert W. Nance and wife, $20,000

Robert D. Ashby to the Department of Transportation, $10,000

Jim Wetzler to Rodney R. Brooks and Walter S. Radziszewski Jr., $255,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee of 21st Mortgage Corporation, $142,000

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Stephanie L. Sofley, $61,500

Carl D. Wilson Jr. and Darla J. Wilson to Dimitrica Doris Jamerson and Larry Bernard Jamerson, $280,000

Sifford Construction LLC to Lloyd N. Suddreth, $135,000

Shea Castlebrooke LLC to Shea Real Estate Investments LLC, $54,500

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Melvin R. Sealy and wife, $214,000

Phillip Edward Smith and spouse to Carol Renee Coates Scheidt Melton, $195,000

Renee Coates Scheit Melton to George Antonakakis and wife, $367,500

Cheryl R. Olsen individually and as administer of estate and husband to Michael Eugene Yost, $25,000

First Troy SPE LLC to Robert H. Corzine and wife, $70,000

Locke Township

Melissa Humphrey Allred and husband to Nicholas G. Gozelski and wife, $162,000

Daniel P. Pinyan and wife to Leo A. Martineau and wife, $144,000

Nicholas Gozelski and wife to William Tyler Sandlin, $127,000

Airport Road Properties LLC to JNDY Properties LLC, $80,000

Jonathan G. Townsend and wife to Gregory A. Jones and wife, $200,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. to Paul Bardinas and wife, $67,000

William Darrell Barringer and Theresa G. Barringer as trustees to Timothy R. Barringer, $75,000

RESI REO Sub LLC to Angela Yandle, $43,500

Bradford P. Farrah and wife to Karen B. Rufty, $142,000

Optimistic Investments LLC to Kelley L. Miller, $72,000

Jeanette C. Ayers and husband to Robert Lee Rich Jr. and wife, $101,000

Scott Merritt and wife to Dallas Connor Burch and wife, $109,000

Royce L. Shackelford and wife to Gabriel Carcia Carvajal and wife, $98,000

Plantation Ridge to Charlene S. Brown, $216,000

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church to Kelly P. Agnant, $75,000

Roy L. Wheeler and Bobbie M. Wheeler to Tytus P. Hammond, $117,000

CitiMortage Inc. to Michael Paul Witten, $90,000

Jonathan Post and Libby S. Post to Darrell N. Ashman, $120,000

Ilene M. Streiff to Damon C. Ross and wife, $213,000

Michael John Janzlik and wife to Kyndal Fisher and Deborah Fisher, $168,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to Stone Properties and Development LLC, $28,000

Adam Lee Misenheimer and wife to Cameron Dane Harwell and wife, $126,000

Janet W. Edwards and husband to Donahue Properties Inc., $14,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Dallas Allman, $4,000

Morgan Township

Kent Mitchel Wilhelm and wife and others to Cynthia C. Mills, $195,000

Shirley M. Harris to Michael Roger Price and wife, $15,000

John T. Perry and wife to Jill T. McNeely and husband, $205,000

Gary W. Russell and Carolyn R. Hammil and husband to Lacie Denise Misenheimer, $100,000

Providence Township

James G. Shalda and wife to Mark D. White and wife, $11,000

Bryan M. Sutherland and wife to Francisco J. Alarcon-Santos and Ana Sofia Montoya Alvarado, $124,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, $110,000

Judy Oddie Jones and husband to Douglas D. Holmes and wife, $48,000

Margaret C. Antosek to Erin J. Ketner and Cameron W. Spencer, $300,000

Jacob L. Setzer and wife to David L. Eller and wife, $77,000

Janet P. Rockette and husband to David L. Eller and wife, $74,000

Virginia P. Swindell to David L. Eller and wife, $76,000

Laura Jensen and husband to Frederick A. Thompson and wife, $242,500

Plantation Ridge to Bryan M. Sutherland and wife, $22,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, $81,000

Debra G. Sparger and husband and others to Harold James Byrd Jr. and wife, $74,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $51,000

 Salisbury Township

Barbara Yelton Perry as trustee and others as trustees to Joseph M. Walsh and wife, $108,000

John McHone to Jonathan A. Post, $38,000

Donald L. Rufty and wife and others to Jonathan A. Post, $67,000

Jo Ann P. Propst to Edgar Figueroa Ruiz, $15,000

Bank of Oak Ridge to Carnell Garrison and husband, $25,000

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Hui Chen, $40,000

Carla Louise Kennedy and husband and others to James S. Sells and wife, $137,500

Pamella Turner Martin and husband to Terry C. Schultz and wife, $82,500

Mildred B. Warlick by and through attorney-in-fact to Michael Gordon Odden and wife, $146,500

Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to L. Cristian Angel and Jeremy A. Tatum, $28,000

Barbara L. Durr to Quick Fix Real Estate LLC, $19,000

Cynthia G. Davis to Calvary Baptist Tabernacle, $160,000

J.B. McKinney by attorney-in-fact to Garth A. Birdsey and wife, $160,000

Timberlake Properties LLC to Attorney Properties LLC, $460,000

Sara Elizabeth Penn Drinkard to Eric C. Bowen, $84,000

Lester W. Stocks as executor of state to John G. Tucker and wife, $13,000

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County NC Inc. to Jessica R. Heilig, $100,000

The Cognato Group LLC to James Cain and wife, $120,000

Richard T. Perry and wife by attorney-in-fact to Stephanie D. Grubb, $81,000

Jason A. Sparger and wife to Lee W. Frick and wife, $253,500

First Troy SPE LLC to Souder Properties Inc. $525,000

Earlene G. Little as executrix of estate to Earlene G. Little, $1,000

Harold Eugene Morris Jr. and wife to Nathan B. Richardson, $169,500

Paulette R. Mangham as executrix of estate to Brenda McNeely, $10,000

Linda M. Jones to Steven G. White and wife, $93,000

Mark H. Lerner and others to Jason A. Sparger and wife, $267,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Dennis Rasmussen, $52,000

Brad E. Baubenmire and Shelley K. Daubenmire to Matthew Pressley and wife, $252,000

Grove Street Properties to Dorothy G. Marlow, $50,500

John Kerry Dyer and Heather Sparger Dyer to J & M Moore Properties LLC, $32,000

Safieh M. Fisher by and through attorney-in-fact to Brenda S. Stevens, $75,000

Corbin Acres LLC to Anchor Capital Investors CW LLC, $1,000,000

Scotch Irish Township

Kristen S. Nardone as substitute Trustee to John L. Gray, $22,000

Steele Township

Timothy V. Byrd and spouse and Denise Byrd Brooks to Brent E. Offenberger and spouse, $21,000

Jacqueline C. Sinclair to Brent E. Offenberger and spouse, $26,000

Unity Township

Yolanda Cornejo Cruz to Alma Rosa Bautista Aguilar and Salvador Bautista, $18,000



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