Intern learned importance of agriculture

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 14, 2015

By Jordan Shipton

Cooperative Extension Intern

This summer, I have been exposed to so many new things that it is hard to choose something to write about. I loved working with the Southern Piedmont NC Farm School and learning about different niche market opportunities that people are taking advantage of in our community, as they find ways to incorporate agriculture into their lives. I also enjoyed learning how to incorporate agriculture into the school system.

When I started at the Cooperative Extension office, the schools were already out for the summer so I was not able to work with the kids directly, but I was able to see how school gardens were organized and set up. Being an education major, I see this as valuable knowledge to have down the road for the future of our country.

Some other things I have learned while interning at the Cooperative Extension office include measuring wheat yields, identifying plant deficiencies and diseases, how to read soil test results in depth, and how to write newspaper articles.

The main thing I have learned and will hopefully put to use in a year or two is how to be a successful Extension agent.

It takes hard work, planning and many hours of impersonating a chicken with its head cut off to accomplish what these agents do every week. I am excited to put what I have learned into action as I head into my senior year at N.C. State. I hope I can come back and educate the public about agriculture like I have gotten to assist with this summer.