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Deeds, Aug. 2

Second half of June

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.

Atwell Township

Mark Eric Brown and wife to Bryant Alexander Beaver,$15,000

Jason P. Stanley and wife to Michael R. Dixon Jr. and wife, $136,000

Helen Shoemaker McLaughlin to Helen Shoemaker McLaughlin, $8,000

Joshua T. Vinson and wife to Derek Joel Westveer and wife, $216,500

William V. Ritchie to Shaina Freeze and Jeremy Vail, $126,500

Casey W. Black and wife to Grant Thompson and spouse, $375,000

Jeffrey Vaughn and spouse to Grant Thomspon and spouse, $31,000

Brian Scott Yon and wife to Joe G. Shuryan II, $20,000

Dennis M. Miller and wife to Phillip W. Craver and wife, $30,000

Anne Wheeler Cook and husband to Albert E. Long and wife, $5,000

Patsy Smith Archer to Jessica Early, $10,000

Diane Parham Parker and husband and others to Amanda D’Happart and Carolyn D’Happart, $50,000

Kyle Busch Properties LLC to Mulkern Properties LLC, $1,050,000

Michael B. Corley and wife to Christopher Dale Berns and wife, $226,000

David W. Garrigan to Joshua M. Bushey and spouse, $50,000

Paul T. Adams and wife and others to Patrick M. Overcash and wife, $52,000

Patrick M. Overcash and wife to Christopher Todd Overcash, $52,000

Michael B. Krimminger and spouse to Summer Dawn Bruner, $136,500

John M. Karriker and wife to Philip D. Duncan and wife, $145,000


China Grove Township

Patrick W. Bryant and wife to Heather M. Kluttz, $90,000

Jeffrey L. Davis and wife to Jared Connell and wife, $384,500

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $4,000

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $6,000

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $10,000

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $10,000

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $13,000

James C. Lanik to D & E Limited LLC, $9,000

Dorothy C. Little to Jose Mendoza, $15,000

Gina Marshall and spouse to Sara L. Pope, $140,000

Angela S. Yandle and husband to Maribel P. Patrick and husband, $125,000

1532 North Ridge Ave. LLC to SRJ Russell Inc., $135,000

Carlos P. Baldwin and wife to Lisa Jackson Campbell, $27,500

Patrick O. Jones and wife to Sandy Ridge Service LLC, $30,000

James L. Carter Jr. acting as Commissioner to Joel J. Johnson and wife, $25,500

Giles Edward Smith III to Robert A. Severt Jr. and wife, $12,000

Bret T. Johnson and wife to Jose Luis Pichardo Cardoso and Maria Magalena Jaime, $139,000

Alan Suggs and wife to Joshua J. Mullis and wife, $125,000

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas as trustee to Momentum Capital LLC, $54,000

Lester W. Stocks as executor of estate to Darvin D. Pethel and wife, $22,000

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, NC Inc. to Sheila Renee Black, $110,000

True Homes LLC to Jason McGraw, $140,000

Walnut Grove Partners LLC to Jared P. Lackey and wife, $136,000

Billy Eugene Watts and wife to Suretha Ann Boyd, $64,000

James H. Davis to Wilie R. Chambers and Kimberly R. Chambers, $65,500

James C. Lanik as trustee to D & E Limited LLC, $20,000

Equity Trust Company to Dale Wayne Hahn, $80,000

Philip A. Glass as substitute Trustee to Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., $61,000

Maria Felix Penaloza and husband to Cesar Fermin Nevarez, $30,000

Mary Teresa Nailor to Lindley Jessica Guri, $99,500

Timothy Justin Henley and wife to Caleb T. Henley, $140,000

William Richard Hodge and wife to Caleb W. Dearth and wife, $83,000

Center Point Builders LLC to John P. Burke and wife, $304,000

James L. Carter Jr. to Dimitrios Rousis, $51,000

Shea Investment Fund I LLC to Marcus A. White and Simples Spratt, $195,000

David Duane Holt to Julie Beth Putman, $60,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Financial North Carolina 1 Inc., $33,500

Reginald K. Smith as trustee to Robert J. Phillips and wife, $122,000


Cleveland Township

Frances L. Barber to Nathan Lee Shue, $70,000

Robert Gada and spouse to Chad M. Norman and spouse, $328,000


Franklin Township

Donald R. Poteat and wife to Seferino Rivera and wife, $7,000

Donald R. Poteat and wife to Jessica Rivera, $9,000

Virginia M Follas by attorney in fact to Bruce N. Wilson and wife, $120,000

Sharonview Federal Credit Union to William Lane Bailey and wife, $350,000

John H. Hitchen and wife to Sharon Truckenmiller, $35,000

Andrew M. Sanderson and wife and Laura S. Ping and husband to David R. Osborn and wife, $139,000

Christopher F. Finney and wife to Shea Adair Overcash and husband, $278,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to U.S. Bank, N.A., $122,500

Gupton Properties LLC to Carolina Campgound LLC, $485,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC as substitute trustee to Colonial National Mortgage, $13,500

Lydia Weant Hard and spouse and others to Roger Dale Hardy, $120,000

Roger Dale Bostian and wife to Natisha Raga, $82,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to U.S. Bank N.A., $47,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to Bank of America N.A., $162,000


Gold Hill Township

Deane Durus Davis and wife to Guy Marshall Puckett II and wife, $232,000

Tommy L. Odell and wife and others to Rowan County, NC, $30,000

Timothy D. Clement and wife to Michael L. Britschge and wife, $190,000

Susan Wike Medley to Shawn E. Browning and wife, $280,000

Bruce Allen McDonald and wife to Nicholas A. Cameron and wife, $124,000

Ted J. Morris to Chad M. Wilson and wife, $114,000

Peggy Ann Moon as executor of estate and others to Jeffrey Robert Cox and wife, $125,500

Robert T. Simons and wife to Charles Edward Shultz Jr., $130,000

U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee to James M. Phillips Jr. and Jessica M. Phillips, $230,000

Primax Properties LLC to John M. Dwelle Sr. as trustee, $1,744,500

Bradley James Garner as executor of estate to Tawny N. Brazeel, $84,000

Guy Marshall Puckett II and wife to Bradford C. Rye and wife, $197,000

Micah A. Overcash and wife to Nicholas S. Adkins and wife, $160,000

Stephen E. Misenheimer and wife to Kurt Daniel Misenheimer, $100,000

Harold E. Sutton Jr. and wife to William Todd Jacobs, $75,000

Broadus C. Posey and wife Shane Michael Aldridge and wife, $144,000

PrimeStar Fund I TRS Inc. to Todd Thomas General Contractor LLC, $142,000


Litaker Township

Robert Grady Morris to Bryan M. Kluttz, $135,500

Willard Bost Overcash and wife and Curtis H. Overcash and wife to Brandon Daniel Sechler, $21,000

Ronald S. Bost and wife to Jeffrey D. Parker and wife, $179,000

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company N.A. to Chris D. Smith, $77,500

Mel Gentry Melton to William Lowell Davis III and wife, $75,000

Trustee Service of Carolina LLC to SunTrust Mortgage Inc., $52,500

Barbara Sue Moe Swindle and others to Debra May Swindle, $70,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Sheila James, $160,000

Treasure Homes Inc. to Donald Wayne Conner, $21,000

Brandy H. Skok and husband to Brian C. Cantrell and Leslie A. Earnhardt, $133,000

Steve W. Sutherland and wife to Alfredo Pagan and wife,$135,000

Phillip Cunningham and wife to William P. Bennett, $298,000

Jose Rodriguez and Martha Rodriguez to Gina Kay Fox, $90,000

Phillip D. Glass to Harvey Michael Glass, $9,000

Harold Keith Deal and wife to Randall Kurt Giessler and wife, $12,000


Locke Township

Shannon S. Moore to Andrew James Mattord and Anna Ashley Freed, $163,500

Viriginia Ann Hollingsworth Stubbs to Daphne Ball and husband, $125,500

Charles L. Diamon and wife to Ruby Anastasia Sturcey, $140,000

Timothy Paul Thurber Jr. and wife to Zachary A. Reece, $80,000

Allan R. Hattaway as executor of estate to Allan R. Hattaway, $40,000

Jared M. Connell and wife to Philip Myers and wife, $232,500

Deidre D. DeFlorentis as substitute trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., $40,500

Eric D. Vallair and wie to Ray E. Baker, $40,000

Subhash Saxena and wife to Patricia Ann Sihler and husband, $132,000

Matthew Louis Spring to NC Salisbury Houce LLC, $26,500

Peter A. Bohannon and wife to Alexander Dean Freeze, $185,000

Norma T. Dennis by and through attorney-in-fact and others to Jeri Y. Corley and husband, $70,000

Herman Lee Troutman and wife to Benjamin Scott Fesperman and Desirae Maria Overcash, $160,000


Morgan Township

Sandra F. Steen to Edwin A. Listerman and wife, $180,000

Melvin L. Pepper, Sr. and wie to Chin-Ying Swing and husband, $40,000

Jason Randall Gearhart and wife to Lucy Wilson Walker and husband, $157,000


Salisbury Township

Mitchell Reece and wife to Elvia Guitierrez Velazquez, $94,500

Regina Y. Perry Jumah and husband to DJR Rentals LLC, $13,000

Yanivy L. Lagos to Paulina Vega Ochoa, $6,000

Samuel Lonnie Goodman and wife to Richard Luhrs and wife, $600,000

Don Serina and wife to Lois Joy Hamilton, $227,500

Naoma R. Cernohorsky by attorney-in-fact to Peggy A. Bassinger, $110,000

Midfirst Bank to L. Cristian Angel, $15,000

Lucas Gregory Presnell and wife to Thomas Daniel Efland III, $162,500

Millicent Luthia Jones Mills and husband to Gerald E. Rush and wife, $10,000

Salisbury Community Development Corporation to Ricky A. Miller, Sr., $76,000

Bradly K. Stiller to Priscilla L. Clark, $57,000

W. Sloan Goforth to First Troy SPE LLC, $439,200

Betty Sue F. Earnhardt to Ann Street Properties LLC, $82,000

James Ward and wife to Steve Griswold and Norma Aguilar Freyre, $27,500

E. Randy Goodman to Habitation for Humanity of Rowan County, NC Inc., $14,000

Richard J. Krug and wife to Michael A. Frasure, $54,000

Capital Growth Fund, LLC to Arthur Vance Thomas, Sr., $27,000

Robert C. Yount to Tina G. Daniels, $145,000

Dyland Assets Inc. to Brittany Malatesta, $3,000

Philip A. Glass as substitute trustee to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., $23,000

Trustee services of Carolina, LLC to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $40,000

U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee to Sarah Marie Lagore and Robert C. Lagore, $85,000

Bruce N. Wilson and wife to Kathleen A. Bergeron, $288,500

W. Sloan Goforth as substitute trustee to First Troy SPE LLC, $261,900

Linda Fagan Shipton Stewart and Fred Stewart to Kristine Craig, $91,000

Charles C. Myers to Jose E. Encarnacion, $45,000

Stephen W. Fuller and wife to Jonathan A. Post and wife, $68,000

W. Sloan Goforth as substitute to First Troy SPE LLC, $240,300

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., $91,000

Gloria Barnes by and through attorney-in-fact to Barbara Welter, $43,500

Citizens Bank N.A. to KRDJ Properties LLC, $40,000

Benjamin Shepherd and wife to Robert L. Teel and wife, $85,500

Stonemarker Properties LLC to Golden Bora Properties LLC, $425,000

Gregory Z. Boling and wife to Derek A. Elkins, $46,000

George B. Mackie and wife to Dglass LLC, $45,000

Deidre D. DeFlorentis, as substitute trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., $44,000

J. Kent Smith and wife to Robert G. Melton and wife, $94,000

Mike Reid Eneterprises, Inc. to Highway 150 Properties LLC, $195,000


Steele Township

Edward Stiles Clarke IV and others to Scott A. Lee, $45,500

Grady Michael Thompson and wife and others to Moore Farm Inc., $495,000


Mt. Ulla Township

American Land Corporation-Charlotte Inc. to Joshua E. Glenn and wife, $51,500

Elwood S. Dowdy and wife to Charles S. Wood and wife, $25,000


Providence Township

Diane Hedrick and wife to Justin Rogers and wife, $158,000

Christy Yoe to Ronnie D. Hatley, $40,000

Plantation Ridge to Bobby L. Bringham, $25,000

Larry M. Fleming Sr. and wife to Larry Michael Fleming Jr. and wife, $225,000

Plantation Ridge to James W. Westmoreland Jr. and wife, $26,000

Eric M. Patterson and wife to Jimmy Shane Wolford, $130,000

Gary Ronald Walker to Claude Nathaniel Farmer and wife, $220,000

Carl L. Lemly and wifee and Ann Lemly Owen to JKK Property Investors LLC, $38,000

Charles L. Nickerson and wife to Duane G. Krzysik and wife, $320,000

Robert Leon Oddie to Joe Brian Poole and wife, $12,000

Alan B. Powell as substitute trustee to the Bank of North Carolina, $254,500

Arthur Lewis Hattaway as trustee and others to Richard Corbett Hattaway Trust, $102,000

Mark A. Slusser and wife to Karen Shea, $119,000

Ronald H. Horton and wife and Marcia G. Horton to Ethel M. Horton, $14,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., $85,000

Kelly R. Carriker to Amanda K. Haag and spouse, $117,000

John P. Davis Jr. to Bardley S. Eagle and wife, $40,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee Wells Fargo Bank N.A, $111,000

Michael W. Chisholm to Jonathan Lynn Morris, $27,000






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