Weekly quiz: Test your nose for local news

Published 11:56 pm Saturday, March 21, 2015

1. Noted guitarist Tim Reynolds will be performing April 17 in Salisbury as part of the annual Earth Day Jam. What musician is Reynolds best known for collaborating with?

A. Sting

B. Darius Rucker

C. Kenny Chesney

D. Dave Matthews

2. Kannapolis City Council voted unanimously last Monday to purchase 46 acres in its downtown for $5.5 million. Roughly how much retail space will be included in the purchase?

A. 500,000 square feet

B. 650,000 square feet

C. 850,000 square feet

D. 1.1 million square feet

3. Elizabeth Safrit, the current Miss United States from Kannapolis, performed a special charitable service this past week. What was it?

A. She painted rooms in a battered women’s shelter

B. She delivered Meals on Wheels to seniors

C. She worked at an overnight shelter for the homeless.

D. She served breakfast to volunteers during a United Way Day of Caring

4. How long has the Salisbury Kiwanis Club held a pancake festival to raise money for its charitable pursuits?

A. Since 1957

B. Since 1965

C. Since 1976

D. Since 1985

5. Franklin Baptist Church will be conducting an unusual event March 28 at the church. What is it?

A. A living donor drive to find a kidney for a woman on dialysis

B. A car wash, in which a circus elephant will be on hand to rinse off vehicles

C. A Halloween-in-March festival to raise money for a new educational building

D. A cook-off between the pastor and his wife to settle, once and for all, who is the church’s top chef

6. At a Rowan County Chamber of Commerce breakfast, N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said he wants to accomplish what goal by 2020?

A. Make North Carolina the country’s biggest producer of sweet potatoes.

B. See that North Carolina leads the country in turkey production

C. Have North Carolina’s agricultural industry reach $100 billion in revenue

D. See the annual N.C. State Fair become the nation’s biggest state fair

7. Author John Hart spoke last week at the Brady Author’s Symposium at Catawba College. Who was the main character in Hart’s first published book, “The King of Lies”?

A. Johnny Merrimonn

B. Adam Chase

C. Work Pickens

D. Roscoe Walker

8. McKenzie Stevens, a Salisbury High graduate, helped Queens University win a NCAA Division II national title in what sport?

A. Bowling

B. Women’s basketball

C. Fencing

D. Swimming

9. “Discover What’s Outside” is under way. To what does it refer?

A. Organized spring hiking trips on the county’s greenways

B. Weekend tours to view some of Rowan County’s most interesting architecture

C. Efforts in Rowan-Salisbury Schools to have students spend at least 60 minutes a day outdoors

D. The Salisbury Sculpture Show

10. A space needs study for Rowan County government determined the county will need more than 438,000 square feet for its departments in the next 10 to 15 years. What department has the greatest projected need for more space?

A. The Sheriff’s Office

B. Social Services

C. Health Department

D. Register of Deeds


1. D. Reynolds is a two-time Grammy nominee who often has performed with Dave Matthews.

2. B. Kannapolis’ purchase involves some eight blocks of buildings and 653,395 square feet of retail space.

3. B. Safrit, the reigning Miss United States, visited 10 homes in the Kannapolis area where seniors are served by Meals on Wheels.

4. A. The Kiwanis Pancake Festival started in 1957, when Kiwanians decided to give up Brunswick stew as a fundraiser.

5. A. Franklin Baptist Church will be host for a living donor drive in trying to find a kidney for Charlene Fero, who is on dialysis three days a week, for three hours each time.

6. C. Troxler hopes North Carolina’s agriculture industry revenues can reach $100 billion by 2020.

7. C. Work Pickens was the main character in Hart’s “The King of Lies.”

8. D. Stevens, a freshman at Queens, placed second in the 200 butterfly at the NCAA Division II swimming nationals in Indianapolis. She also was  fourth in the 200 freestyle and 13th in the 1,000-yard freestyle.

9. D. The seventh annual Salisbury Sculpture Show will feature 19 sculptures installed around the downtown and on the city’s four college campuses. They will remain in place until January 2016.

10. B.  Rowan County Social Services is projected to need an additional 20,190 square feet over the next 15 years.