For the health of your congregation

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 30, 2014

Working as a hospital chaplain now for more than 20 years I have seen first hand the difficulty of accessing and navigating the health care system. It is increasingly important that we continue to find ways of promoting healthy lifestyles in our community, including our church and faith communities.
Most health problems are preventable and related to our lifestyles. Our faith and our God expects us to go and teach, preach and heal. As a pastor, as a parishioner, we must ask ourselves what is the physical health of our church? We know that church provides and supports spiritual health, but we must begin to ask what I must do to take care of the body God has given us. What are the resources available for our church to become healthier?
The church can bring a holistic approach and perspective to communities understanding of health, integrating the mind, body and spirit. What better place where all the elements of health and healing can be discussed. Our churches are able to reach people of all ages, races, faith, religion and economic backgrounds. Our churches can strongly influence people’s values and personal life choices. One of the intentions of church is to have active and engaging programs of learning regarding spiritual health and our well being for people of all ages.
Just in the last two years NHRMC has developed the Congregational Health Ministry program. We have since partnered with more than 30 churches and community agencies in Rowan, Cabarrus, Davie and Davidson Counties. Our churches and community need to utilize and understand the many resources available to them when it comes to your health and navigating the healthcare system.
We provide an array of speakers and educational material on topics such as: cardiac, women’s health, men’s health and utilizing our mobile mammography. It is important for our faith communities to be engaged in becoming healthier, to help their parishioners manage their diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
In a partnership with area local churches, Rowan Medical Center will work with a congregational health promoter, a representative from your church to identify needs specific to your congregation. Anyone who is interested in serving as a health advocate in a faith community can become a Congregational Health Promoter.
Congregational Health Ministries at Rowan Medical Center provides access to an extensive network of community health resources to our faith communities.
For more information contact Chaplain James Cook and Edwina Ritchie at 704-210-5000 or email at