Meet Christopher Derrick

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 7, 2014

Name: Christopher Derrick
School: Salisbury
Sports: Tennis, cross country
Family : Mark and Elizabeth Derrick, David Derrick
Birthday: 8-31-1995
Nickname: CDerrick
Hidden talent: Cooking minute rice in 58 seconds
Personal Motto: Schwack ‘em
Favorite restaurant: My house
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Clint Comadoll
Favorite class: Lunch
Favorite TV: Tennis Channel
Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers
Favorite Sports Team: My team
Favorite Athlete: Michael Ogden
Favorite Musician: AC/DC
Job or hobby: Fishing
Three words that best
describe me: I like tennis
Celebrity dream date: Robin Fisher
Biggest Rival: My brother
Actor who would star in a movie about my life: Morgan Freeman
My Greatest Accomplishment: Not coming in last in cross country meet
Career Goals: Be successful
Prized possession: My life
If I Become a Millionaire by Age 20, I will: Buy a solid gold toilet