Farmers’ Market opens Saturday

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 25, 2014

SALISBURY — Spring is here and spring fever has hit many people who are longing to get outdoors to do some planting and grilling.
The best part of spring is heading to the local farmers’ market for the delicious produce, beautiful plants, scrumptious baked goods and, of course, get some meat for grilling. All of this can be done locally; buying local can be a fun experience. Every time you visit the market, you are sure to bring back some great goodies and a new tale to last till next time.
The local market is a great way to use what is fresh and in season. These are local growers, artisans and craftsmen producing quality products. The Salisbury Rowan County Farmers’ Market is opening this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon on West Fisher Street, in the parking lot directly across from the Rowan Public Library.
When visiting the local market my favorite part is to check out the latest varieties, then go home and swap some of the tried and true ingredients in an old recipe for something new. A great example of swapping ingredients is using Swiss chard, kale or bok choy instead of spinach in an omelet. You can get everything you need at the market, even fresh farm eggs.
If buying baked goods or delicious culinary creations is more your style, there are a few delicious local bakers and chefs.
They produce some scrumptious harvest muffins, small pies and the best side dishes for your cookout.
Getting plants from the market is another great way to start your gardens. When buying plants at the local market you should use your scouting techniques to buy the best plants. Look for healthy, creamy white roots, make sure plants are not root bound and do not buy unhealthy looking plants. There is a reason why plants are unhealthy looking and if you buy them, it could be a problem you bring to your garden.
Going to the market is a great way to support local farmers. This year there will be local cooking demonstrations, children activities and some family-oriented programs being held at the Salisbury Rowan County Farmers’ Market.
You help build great relationships with your local farmers, artisans and craftsmen by visiting the local market.
Unfortunately, if we don’t show our support, these vital local businesses may go out of business.

For more information on supporting local food or to become a vendor at the Salisbury Rowan County Farmers’ Market, contact Danelle Cutting at 704-216-8970. If you would like to support buying local even further, consider joining the 10% Campaign, where you pledge to spend 10 percent of your food dollars locally. To join, visit