Local youth handle cows well at Rowan County junior dairy show

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 9, 2013

SALISBURY — The Rowan County Holstein Club and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension hosted the Rowan County Junior Dairy Show in late July. Thirteen youth participated in the event, showcasing 35-40 dairy cows.
Children ranging from 5 to 9 years old showed dairy cows ranging in breeds such as Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey. Sam Hager was the overall Brown Swiss Breed Champion with his winter heifer calf. Haley Foster was the overall Holstein Breed Champion with her 2-year-old cow. Valerie Karriker was the overall Jersey Breed Champion with her 4-year-old cow.
Shows like these are a good way to get and keep kids involved in agriculture and the dairy industry in particular. These kids work really hard on training these animals, feeding, watering, washing, drying, clipping, combing and a long list of other things just to get to show their animals and they deserve to get rewarded for it. There is nothing better than seeing these kids’ faces when they win a class with an animal that they have worked with so hard at getting ready.
These kids really do work very hard. Most of them showed at the show and then loaded their cattle and are getting ready to show in the district show in Statesville.
During the show, the Holstein Club provided free milk and ice cream to everyone who was there. The Holstein Club worked diligently collecting donations and prizes from sponsors so that they could provide the kids with a worthy reward. Volunteers helped to set up the barn and show ring, and helped youth with any needs they had during the show.
Shelly Lutz was the judge for the event, and spoke with the kids on what she liked about their animals and what she didn’t like. Dairy cattle are judged on multiple different qualities such as udder, feet and legs, and overall dairy characteristics, to name a few. Also, the person showing the animal is judged on how well they handle their animal, how much knowledge they have of their animal (for example breed, birthdate, etc.) and on how well they present the animal to the judge.
If you are interested in competing in the show next year, contact me at 704-216-8970. If you would like to attend a dairy show or any other agricultural show, be sure to look at the Rowan County Fair for show dates and times.