Meet The Players: North Rowan’s Hunter Walker

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 26, 2013

Name: Hunter Walker

School: North Rowan
Sport(s): Track

Family: Robin, Bub, Grey and Nicole
Nickname: Bobo

My hidden talent: Dancing
Personal Motto: Go big or go home
Favorite restaurant: PF Chang’s
Favorite color: Green

Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite Class: Physics

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Movie: Black Hawk Dawn
Favorite Sports Team: Carolina Panthers
Favorite Athletes: Luke Kuechly
Favorite Musician: Lil’ Wayne

Job or hobby: Pre-K teacher
Three words that best describe me: Awesome, amazing, funny
Celebrity Dream Date: Jessica Alba
Actor who would star in a movie about my life: Channing Tatum
Biggest Rival: Myself

My Greatest Accomplishment: All of my high school achievements
Prized possession: My truck

If I Become a Millionaire by Age 20, I will: Give back to my community