Landis Police warn residents of ‘power company’ scam

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 4, 2013

LANDIS — Landis Police are warning residents about a telephone scam that could potentially cost victims hundreds of dollars.
Landis residents told police Tuesday about fraudulent calls from someone claiming to be with “the power company.” The caller says there is a problem with the meter or account at the residence and demands an immediate, over-the-phone payment to prevent the power from being turned off.
Investigators say the calls are being made from a telephone system outside the country. Some of the calls have been made in Spanish.
“The town of Landis does not call utility customers requesting payment and any such call received is fraudulent,” Detective Roger Hosey said in a statement.
As a public power provider, Landis is “the power company” for many residents in and around the town. There is no evidence that the scammers have specifically targeted Landis or its utility customers.
“It is common practice, however, for perpetrators to systematically dial numbers in a given area code and prefix, which could result in a concentration affected individuals in the area,” Hosey said.
Officials have posted information on, and information is being mailed to all customers.
So far, police have received a small number of reports regarding these calls. In each case, the callers were unsuccessful. Hosey said don’t give any information if someone calls and claims to be with a government agency, utility company, bank or other financial organization. Call Hosey at 704-857-2129 if you get a similar call.