Let's cheer on and support running youth

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am so excited to see the youth in this community getting more interested in distance running. Our cross country team, the JF Hurley YMCA Warriors, more than doubled in size from 7 last year to 16 youth athletes this year.
Also, programs such as “Girls on the Run” are active at Hurley Elementary School and Salisbury Parks and Recreation, to name some of them. Many after school programs are including running into their programs. What a great thing to do to get our children active and healthier.
Looking at my son Andrew, he is a good little athlete. He played basketball, flag football and wrestled. He was very good but there was just no passion in what he was doing. Four years ago he started running and he loves it. He is passionate about it and works very hard at it. What we are finding out is that many “non typical sports youth” excel in running. If your child has not found their niche in any sports yet, try running.
Almost all of Salisbury Rowan Runners races have a Fun Run to get them started in running. Most of the time, it is half a mile but also the main race is open to all youth. To find local races, go to SalisburyRowanRunners.org
Also, on Saturday, October 27, the JF Hurley YMCA Warriors Cross Country team is hosting our First Youth Cross Country meet at Salisbury Community Park. All races will be timed by Salisbury Rowan Runners.
The JF Hurley YMCA Cross Country Halloween Dash is for ages 6-18. The following distances are for these age groups:
6-8 year olds will run a 2K (1.242 miles) 9-12 year olds will run a 3K (1.864 miles) 13-14 year olds run a 4K (2.485 miles) and 15-18 year olds will run a 5K (3.1 miles).
You can not run with your child, but there will be many volunteers throughout the course and if you are interested to volunteer or want more information, please contact me at emarsh@rowanymca.org
Does your child love to run? Do you want him or her to experience a great race with distances they can handle? Then come on and join us. Maybe this will spark an interest in your child to run for health, competition and fun.
I am excited about this, how about you?
Ester H Marsh ACSM Cpt and Cross Country Coach.