It's National Stress Awareness Day – don't worry about it

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 16, 2012

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, also known as the day after taxes are due.
It is a day to recognize there are plenty of stresses in your life — in case you haven’t already noticed — and to do something about it.
The Health Resource Network started the holiday in 1992 to increase awareness of the causes and cures.
Here are some suggestions for getting better:
Prioritize. Don’t do the easy things first. Get the hard thing done and, if you must carry something over, make it the easier tasks.
If you know you’ve done the most important thing, you will reduce stress and feel more successful.
Take a break. Hire a babysitter, get out of town for a day. Forget the to-do list.
Find long term meaning in what you do. If you are constantly overwhelmed and frustrated, consider saying no to the next request. Drop an activity. Make decisions that will take away the stress. Follow your dream.
Plan a day at home doing absolutely nothing. Plan to have all your shopping, bill paying and chores done. Rent a stress-free movie. Wear your pajamas, if you want. Consider turning off the phone, stop texting and don’t check email.
What do you do to handle stress?