Students prepare to display artwork at Waterworks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 16, 2012

By Sarah Campbell
SALISBURY — Having artwork on display at Waterworks Visual Arts Center has given sophomore Ashlyn Heidt a confidence boost.
“It was sort of the stepping stone she needed to start entering contests and putting her work out there,” said Vickie Heidt, Ashlyn’s mother.
Ashlyn’s work first appeared at Waterworks during the center’s annual student exhibition several years ago. Her work has been displayed every year since and this year is no exception.
“I did a picture of a Roman goddess with pencil and watercolors,” she said. “The main focus is in pencil and the background is watercolors.”
Ashlyn, 16, said she enjoys being able to share her art with the community.
“It’s just cool that other people get to see it instead of it just being stuck in my room,” she said.
Ashlyn is among 13 home school students who will have work on display during the 29th annual exhibition called “Celebrating Rowan County’s Young Artists.”
The rotating exhibit will run from Feb. 18 through May 12, featuring work from home, private and public school students.
Home-schoolers Jadyn Safrit, 9, Jackson Safrit, 11, and Breanna Allred will also have work in the exhibition.
Both Jackson and Breanna submitted pen and ink drawings of trees.
“I like working with pen and ink because it gives the illusion of more detail in your work,” Breanna said.
Jackson used several different techniques to create his tree, including cross-hatching for the shading.
“I’m exciting to see my work in a gallery,” he said.
Jadyn submitted a mixed media piece to Waterworks. She outlined a hot air balloon with a thick layer of glue and used oil pastels to fill it in.
“I think it’s pretty cool,” she said of having her art be displayed in public.
Seventh-grader Juliana Anderson is one of nearly 20 students from Salisbury Academy participating in the exhibition.
“I chose work based on creativity and effort,” art teacher Katy Temple said. “Some kids just love art and it shows in their end product.
“Juliana is one of those.”
Her submission is an old man’s eyes she sketched from a photo.
“At first I thought he was a little bit scary, but when I started drawing, something different came out,” she’s aid. “He was thinking about something. I don’t know what, though.
“That’s kind of the fun thing about art, it makes you think.”
Juliana said the first couple of times her work was on display at Waterworks she felt a little “weird.”
“But now I like it because I like to see what other people think,” she said.
Temple said she’s glad her students have the opportunity to display their work.
“I think it’s so great that their creativity is recognized and we live in a community that recognizes it,” she said. “I think when you’re encouraged in your creativity in one area, like art, it can bleed over into your writing or even your creative thinking to solve a math problem.”
Heidt, who teaches art to about 25 home schoolers in Rowan County, agrees.
“It’s fun to do the artwork, but it’s also nice to share it with others,” he said. “I really appreciate Waterworks doing this because from a home school point of view it’s harder for us to find avenues to display work.”
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“Celebrating Rowan County’s Young Artists” exhibition schedule  
• Saturday through March 8 — Independent & home schooled student exhibition;  reception from 5 to 6:30 p.m. March 1
• March 10-29— Rowan-Salisbury elementary schools exhibition; reception from 5 to 6:30 March 22
• March 31 through April 19 — Rowan-Salisbury middle school exhibition; reception from 5 to 6:30 April 5 
• April 21 through May 12 — Rowan-Salisbury high school exhibition; reception from 5 to 6:30 May 3 

Artists on display
The following students will have work on at Waterworks Visual Arts Center for the Independent & Home school student exhibition starting Saturday.
Cannon School
Jackie Ramdin, Katie Shaw, Emily Daily, Jane Campbell, Emily Wheeler, Mike Sumner, Ben Boesel, Lisa Olearczyk, Liz Wahid, Caroline Currier, Barclay Sparrow, Nikki Hensley, Katie Maness, Reed Harmon. Evan Wimbish , Sophie Bitar, Revath Patchava, Emily Beeken, Adele Marchant, Nick Rossitch, Allie Gray, Jackie Ramdin, Victoria Bliss, Johanna Bloomquist, Daniel Wyatt
North Hills Christian School
Emma Hunsucker, Anna Teague, Austin Latva, Abigail Zunk, Emily Stamper, Jalen Houston, Klara Ogg, Alyssa Carmitchel, Sammie Spillane, Owen Teague, Macy Woody, Anna Mead, Alex Link, Alyssa Shue, Sara Lynn Carlton, Becca Loflin, Carly Robar, Brittany Lyerly, Camantha-Rea Lyerly, Molly Bourque, Avery Frank, Shelby Turman, Victoria Kehr, Kristen Trivette, Kathleen Bourque 
Sacred Heart 
Catholic School
Angelina Pierson, Hannah Carr, Caroline Cardelle, Virginia Moye Robertson, Claire Allen, Ali Gerig, Jimmy Sentilles, James Metz, Spencer Blackwell, Ethan Frank, Michael Childress, Alex Antosek, Miriam Roy, Lily Hain, Alonnah Murphy, Pedro Cruz, Ben Roy, Julia Honeycutt, Keegan Dillon, Sara Nguyen, Nathan Malnar, Anne Marie Metz, Elena Turnbull, Abby Robinette, Ashley Wood 
Salisbury Academy
Bunny Showfety, Jacob Webb, Thomas Cummings, Emily Capito, Courtney Williams, Bailey Zino, Camille Palmer, Sadie Miller, Cody Josey, Madelynn Castor, Patrick Smith, Archie Dees, Sarah Clifton, Isabella Almazan, Maria Capito, Lizzie Fisher, Sam Combs, Annabel Barr, Harrison McCall 
Rowan County Home School Association 
Breanna Duke-Allred , Jadyn Safrit, Brittney Hogan, Bethany Hogan, Jackson Safrit, Rachelle Grizzard, Luke Walters, Rebekah Walters, Grace Walters, Sarah Grizzard, Ashlyn Heidt, Victoria Mitchell, Shannon Mitchell