Ester Marsh: How to tone your butt

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 16, 2011

Q. Can you give me any information on a “saggy” butt? I really liked your columns about toning legs and the arms.
A. That would be a great addition to the last couple of columns.
Isn’t it a pain to see your buttocks go south? As any other part of your body, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Or drop it, in this case.
As you age, gravity really takes a toll. It is not just your buttocks that sags. Your hormone levels drop, your skin’s elasticity is diminishing. All in all, part of growing old gracefully. By taking good care of yourself, drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, you can slow down the process and even reverse it with enough hard work and dedication.
Below are some exercises to have your buttocks go back to where they belong:
At least twice a week, you can perform two sets of 15 reps on one workout and three sets of 10 reps the next.
Make sure you warm up and stretch.
• Lunges are one of my favorite exercises. You can alternate your legs or finish working on one leg before starting with the other. This exercise can be done with or without weights.
• Squats. Make sure your back is straight, your knees do not pass your toes and your head is in a neutral position; looking straight ahead not tilted back.
• Leg presses, nice and deep if your back can handle it.
• Kick backs. You could use the rotary hip machine, or if your gym has a “butt” machine, use it.
You can perform the following without any weights and they will also help tighten those buns. Adding weights does increase the ability to gain muscle size (and therefore lift the buttocks). Perform all exercises two sets of 25 reps.
• Prone (face down) leg lifts. Alternate or finish one leg first.
• On your back. Knees are bent. Now lift your hips off the floor and squeeze your buttocks hard. I tell my classes to pretend they are emptying a tube of tooth paste.
• On your elbows and knees. One leg is bent and pretend that you are hammering a nail into the ceiling with the bottom of your foot.
• On hands and knees, and lift your leg to the side.
Now, this is something you have to add to your weekly exercise routine and continue to perform even after your butt has risen again.
Good luck.
Ester H Marsh ACSM Cpt