Key developments in Dr. Boyd case

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 11, 2009

Here’s a recap of the murder and key events leading up to Friday’s plea agreement:
– Dr. James David Boyd, 47, a Salisbury dentist, is found murdered June 26, 2008, in his home at 9 Pine Tree Road, near the Country Club of Salisbury.
When he fails to show up for work on that Thursday morning, an employee goes to his home and finds him on the bed, his hands tied behind his back.
The master bedroom appeared to be ransacked, along with the master bathroom.
Boyd had returned early from a trip to the beach. His wife, Kathy, and three children remained at the beach.
Autopsy results released later show he died of strangulation.
– On the same day, police arrest Candice Jo Drye, 23, of 142 Delano’s Lane, Mocksville, and charged her with murder. Drye, now 25, was also charged with murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.
Drye told authorities she was going to the dentist’s home to get prescription narcotics, money and alcoholic beverages. She told police that when she and the co-defendants went to the Pine Tree Road house, she slapped Boyd and knocked him out after he refused to give her $3,000 he had promised her.
Drye told investigators she and others traded sexual favors with Boyd for drugs in his Statesville Boulevard office.
Investigators found condoms, a vibrator and a video camera in the office.
– On June 29, 2008, police charge Jonathan Alexander Barnett, 18, Old Salisbury Road, Kannapolis, with murder.
– On June 30, 2008, Cabarrus County deputies arrest Barnett’s cousin, Christopher Allen Boyd, 21, of 873 Oakwood Villa Drive, Kannapolis. Investigators identified Christopher Boyd as the one who killed the dentist. Christopher Boyd is the brother of Candice Drye’s then-boyfriend.
Some electronics taken from the Pine Tree Road home are recovered.
Christopher Boyd, now 22, was charged with murder, robbery with firearms, second-degree arson, breaking and entering.
Barnett, now 20, was charged with murder, robbery, first-degree burglary and larceny.
– Investigators say the three suspects went to Boyd’s home to get money.
– The State Bureau of Investigation confirms the agency had been investigating Boyd for diverting prescription drugs for illegal use รณ trading drugs for sex. The investigation began June 12 and ended with Boyd’s death.
– In August 2008, District Attorney Bill Kenerly announced he would seek the death penalty for Christopher Boyd. He said he would not seek the death penalty against Drye or Barnett.
– In September 2008, the Post received a copy of Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner Dr. Deborah Radisch’s June autopsy report on Boyd.
She ruled Boyd died of ligature strangulation and asphyxia or lack of oxygen.
Radisch wrote that tests showed no evidence of cocaine, ethanol, opiates or oxymorphone in Boyd’s blood.
He was bound with an electrical cord. His wrists and his feet had impressions indicating they’d been tied. Specifically, the impressions on his ankle were consistent with having his legs bound while they were crossed, the report said. The dentist had bruises on his neck and under his ear as well as on his chest and arms.