A house Hansel and Gretel could love

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 3, 2009

By Holly Fesperman Lee
Salisbury Post
Do you like gingerbread?
Jennifer Martin does. She’s decorated her house to look like the
popular Christmas creation.
Jennifer said her husband, Danny Martin, has owned the house they live
in at 1600 Long Ferry Road for about 20 years and, “When he met me I
was a gingerbread nut.”
The two have been decorating for the past three years, ever since they
got married.
Jennifer said the house was built in 1910 and already has the correct
shape for a gingerbread house.
The two decided to put icicle lights on the house and that’s when they
discovered how much it resembled a gingerbread house.
In addition to Jennifer’s gingerbread fetish, “We’ve got kids,” she
said. The decorations are for them as well.
The gingerbread theme doesn’t stop at the Martins’ front door. “I’m
crazy over gingerbread,” Jennifer said.
She can’t find gingerbread curtains, but everything else in her kitchen
has the gingerbread theme. the two try to add to their display every
year, “I don’t want to take away from the house or overdo it,” Jennifer
This year, they’ve added Christmas trees and a candy cane walkway.
Jennifer said lots of people know her house. She said people are
constantly telling her, “Oh, you’re the gingerbread house.”
“I guess it’s kind of like a landmark now for Long Ferry road,”
Jennifer said.
She encouraged anyone interested to stop and enjoy her Christmas
lights. The house has a circle drive and visitors are welcome to pull
The Martins turn the lights on about 5:30 p.m. and leave them on until
around 11 p.m.
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