Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
EHAóElectronic house arrest.
NAóNotice of appeal.
Disposition of cases heard May 29 in Rowan District Probation violations and Worthless Checks Court by Judge William C. Kluttz:
– Misdemeanor probation violation ó Demar Monyae Archie, 45-day sentence activated, NA; Patricia Barbee, continue on probation, CAAF; Jason Thomas Benton, 45-day sentence activated, NA, also two charges misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county, two 45-day sentences activated; Howard L. Borders, 60-day sentence activated; James Edward Boyd, two charges, two 45-day sentences activated; Monique Nicole Brown, probation extended 12 months; Steven G. Brown, pay CAAF within two weeks; Cedric Bost, Terry Shaun Carlisle, Angela S. Honeycutt, Margie P. Ijames, Sandra K. Penninger, Alvin Powell, Antonio L. Rhames, probation terminated; Tony Bernard Chambers, two charges, 120-day sentence activated in first case, NA, 120-day sentence activated in second case at expiration of first; Terry Alan Fields, probation extended 6 months from court date; Ted Geter, four charges, 60-day, 150-day and two 120-day sentences activated to run concurrently; Billy Reid Hinson Jr., 120-day sentence reduced to two days and activated, NA; Derrell Jones, probation extended 12 months from original date including 6 months intensive probation, CAAF; Brent Cory Payne, 60-day sentence activated, NA; Donald J. Phillippe, two charges, probation extended 12 months from court date 90 days EHA to be followed by 90 days intensive probation; Christian Fitzgerald Reid, two charges, 120-day sentence activated in first case, 45-day sentence activated in second case at expiration of first sentence; Priscilla A. Thompson, pay CAAF; James Arthur Walker, Timothy Lane Whitaker, 150-day sentence activated; Michael Wayne White, 24-month sentence activated, NA; Lindsay Michelle Myers, sentence activated, report within 48 hours.
– Simple worthless check ó Debra Culp Hudson, 45 days, suspended, 6 months probation, court cost, restitution.
– Misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county ó Shawn Anthony Johnson, three charges, three 45-day sentences activated.
– Violation of court order ó Samuel Lee McBryde, probation extended until July 31.