Letters to the editor – Saturday (1-10-09)

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 9, 2009

Freightliner adding jobs in Mexico
I’m losing my job at Freightliner again, and after reading the media coverage about this, I believe a big piece of this picture is missing. It’s true that we were not surprised to get the cut, but why is there no mention of the Saltillo, Mexico, Freightliner plant? This is a $300 million, 1-million-square-foot facility that will produce the new Cascadia model that we have been building in Cleveland. Construction for this facility began in the second quarter of 2007, with production set to begin in February 2009. Doesn’t the media think this is a relevant piece of information? If you are interested, just Google “Freightliner Saltillo Mexico.”
While I do believe that the economic crisis ó which, by the way, was created by the U.S. government and the federal reserve system ó would have caused a production slowdown in Cleveland, the new Mexico facility will ensure that these jobs never come back.
We are just another victim of NAFTA, and this is just another small step on the way to a third-world United States. Wake up, America!
ó Reggie Moysan
Take another look
Is locating the central office for the school system on a piece of land outside the city the best choice or simply the location of least political resistance? Now that Jim Sides and Arnold Chamberlain are gone, it is time for our county leaders to reeevaluate their objectives.
Most taxpayers would be appalled to learn that the city of Salisbury, Downtown Salisbury, Inc. and the Salisbury Post packaged a sweetheart deal that would have met or exceeded the school system’s office, meeting and parking requirements and cost less. It would not have contributed to urban sprawl. It would have been green; it would have reduced auto emissions and traffic; it would have adaptively recycled/reused existing space. It would have contributed to the economic development of the downtown community. However, to its detriment, it was being proposed by the city and dealt with the Wallaces.
Now that Jim and Arnold are gone, it is time to give this creative and money saving proposal a fair public hearing.
ó Michael S. Young
Editor’s note: The letter is referring to property the Salisbury Post owns on Main Street.