Always moving, Fannie Gaither lived 107 full years

Wineka column: A brother appears out of nowhere

Wineka column: Local men make fact-finding trip to Montagnard people in Vietnam

Wineka column: Eagle project a memorial for Marine killed in Iraq

Animal advocates to Rowan County: End the gassing now

‘With a shout of joy’ — Paul Hill’s tombstone celebrates the man and his guitar

Red hawk down, but not for long

Wineka column: Patterson’s bottle display at Transportation Museum milks nostalgia

Wineka column: As Mississippi college student, Young saw the power of MLK

Wineka column: Lee Wade heads a family crusade against sound of silence

Wineka column: Panthers bus driver Gary Roseborough hands out crosses by the pocketful

Wineka column: Vickie Carter retires after 21 years of asking ‘What would you like today?’ at Hap’s Grill

Wineka column: Some delicious, historic and worldy names to consider for the mall

Sports figures, doctors, community leaders among those who left us in 2013

Itinerant filmmaker Melton Baker made children the stars in Salisbury, other N.C. towns

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