Rowan Museum commemorates 250 Years of the Rowan Resolves

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 9, 2024

SALISBURY — The Rowan Museum recently announced “Rowan Resolved,” a grand celebration marking the 250th anniversary of the historic Rowan Resolves. This momentous occasion will take place on Aug. 10 at 7 p.m., inviting the community to honor and reflect upon the enduring significance of this pivotal document.

On Aug. 8, 1774, amidst the backdrop of escalating tensions between the American colonies and the British government, leaders and influential figures from Rowan County convened to articulate their stance by issuing the Rowan Resolves. In a resolute declaration, they expressed solidarity with Boston and denounced the oppressive measures imposed by the British Parliament.

As the reverberations of the Boston Tea Party rippled across the colonies and communities grappled with the implications of the Intolerable Acts, Rowan County emerged as a beacon of defiance, asserting, “Resolved, that the cause of the town of Boston is the common cause of the American Colonies.”

The Rowan Resolves, though not a direct call for independence, laid bare the discontent and fervent desire for autonomy among the populace.

“Rowan Resolved” promises an evening of reflection, remembrance and revelry. Attendees will be treated to a catered meal, a poignant reading of the Resolves, and an enlightening overview by Dr. Gary Freeze on the historical significance of this seminal document. Additionally, the event will be enriched by the stirring melodies of Revolutionary music, courtesy of the Carolina Thunder Mugs.

Tickets for the occasion are priced at $74.

To secure your place at “Rowan Resolved,” contact the Rowan Museum at 704-633-5946 or email