NC’s second lady swings through Salisbury: Visit highlights local org’s growth plans

Published 12:05 am Friday, July 5, 2024

SALISBURY — North Carolina’s second lady Yolanda Robinson was in Salisbury this week, stopping by Life Choices Rowan to visit the downtown pregnancy support center. 

Robinson’s husband Mark currently serves as North Carolina’s lieutenant governor but is the Republican nominee for governor in the upcoming election this November. 

Some of the faces in attendance to greet Robinson were the organization’s director, Debbie Sexton; board chair, Pete Teague; and board secretary, Jessica Cloward. During the meeting, members of the organization called Life Choices Rowan one of the best kept secrets in Rowan County, leading to the discussion of how to change that.

Teague pointed to the organization’s recent Walk for Life that took place downtown lost month.

“Debbie (Sexton) had the idea, we will start here (847 S Main St., Salisbury) that way people will have the opportunity to come see the facility,” Teague said. 

At the Walk for Life , Teague said that the facility serves women or girls going through an unplanned pregnancy “to make an informed decision” and to help them even after they have their baby if they choose to do so. Some of the services they offer include ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling, educational classes and post-abortion support for women and families in need.

“We have post-abortive counseling,” Sexton said. “Most of us here are old enough that we know of somebody that has had an abortion in their past. A lot of times, they are being told they can go on with their life and it’s not an issue.”

Sexton indicated that for some women, that is not always the case. 

“We have a lot of women who had abortions back when it first became available and had not told anybody,” Sexton said. “They had problems through the course of their life dealing with the guilt. We’re here if they want somebody to talk to. 

On her visit, Robinson asked Sexton what her greatest needs are at the center. Sexton said help at the facility in the form of volunteers would be a great help. 

“We have a small staff but we know that people in the community have a lot to offer and a lot to contribute and I think it’s meaningful on our end and it’s also meaningful for them,” Sexton said. 

While at Life Choices Rowan, Robinson toured around the facility through such spaces as the sonogram room and counseling centers.

Robinson acknowledged her approval of the facility’s direction for women making difficult life decisions. 

“I think it’s important if they have a question that they can pick up the phone and call Life Choices Rowan,” Robinson said. “Or at least point them in the right direction.”

The tour also took Robinson to the space next door to the current facility, where Life Choices Rowan plans to expand to further their client accommodations and offerings. Those expansion ideas are not exclusively physical.

“We are hoping to hire a male on the staff to be able to work with the fathers. That will make it better and easier for them,” Sexton said. 

She even hinted at a paint job to make the building more prominent. 

“We’re working on not being the best kept secret,” Sexton said.